10 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger The best things come in small packages and this has never been truer than when applied to gardens. Less space leaves more room for creativity, and with the right design ideas there are no limitations on what your garden can become, no matter its size. Brought to you by Prestige Lawns, here are ten easy ways that you can make your small garden look bigger:
  1. 1.  Keep things simple
The best way to create the illusion of a wide and open space is to not overcomplicate the layout; a clear and uncluttered space will look more open and spacious. Statement pieces like a water feature, garden pond or hanging chairs can still work in smaller gardens – you’ll just need less of them! The smaller the space, the more a larger piece will stand out so bear this in mind when selecting decorative objects for your garden.  
  1. Straight lines work in your favor

Straight lines elongate an open area and create the illusion of a bigger space. You can create straight lines in your garden by keeping neat borders and flower beds or by framing the space with garden ponds or decking.

Try to create clear sections in your outdoor space with a seating area for dining outdoors, a barbeque area for cooking during the summer or a decorative rockery, as this will keep things looking organized and uncluttered.

  1. Add some color
To make your outdoor area more exciting, why not break up the natural tones of the outdoors with a painted wall, a garden shed painted in a bold color or a bright seating area. Colous can also help to draw attention to the more interesting aspects of your garden, creating new dimensions within the space and making it seem larger.  
  1. Install a living wall

If you’re limited on space, a living wall is a great way to add extra greenery to a small garden without cluttering the area. Get creative with your design and use flowers, lighting or artificial grass to create a striking new aspect in your garden.

  1. Create higher levels

To make the most of the space, start looking upwards and adding more levels to your garden by using the walls to create a tiered garden. You can do this by installing garden shelving or finding decorative items that can be fixed to your wall. By elevating certain pieces you’ll create the illusion of a more spacious area, even if your garden is very tiny!


  1. Floor to ceiling windows
A clever way to expand your outdoor space is to blend it into your indoor space. You can do this by installing floor to ceiling windows or large doors to merge the two areas. This creates the impression of a larger space inside and outside, with more light and room to move around.  
  1. Create an outdoor house
Make the most of the space you have in your garden by creating an outdoor house that you can use as a different dining area or as a cozy haven you can relax in. A great way to do this without spending too much money is to renovate a garden shed – simply clear out the space, apply a new coat of paint and find some cozy seating to create a beautiful haven perfect for lazy afternoons.  
  1. Find the right garden furniture
Smaller gardens can easily become cluttered by furniture that is bulky and cannot be stored away easily. There are certain kinds of garden furniture that work really well in small gardens including hanging benches and chairs, fold away furniture and open patterned furniture so you can relax or dine outdoors in the warmer weather.    
  1. Tall plants
Having some taller shapes in your garden will accentuate the height of the space rather than the length, something which definitely works to the advantage of a smaller space! Taller plants will add some different textures and colors into your outdoor space without taking up too much room.      
  1. Hanging baskets and garden shelving

If you can help it, try not to clutter your garden floor with plant pots and flower beds. Instead, try staggering the positioning of your plants and flowers with items like hanging baskets and wall-mounted plant pots. Some creative garden ideas such as this one will give you a clean and modern way of displaying your plants in a small space!

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