How would you like to take the Master’s Course for $50?

How would you like to take the Master’s Course for $50?

Well, one lucky ASP® will get the chance as the IAHSP® Foundation World Wide Staging Service Week® Raffle gets underway.

Here’s the scoop:

During this year’s ASP®, IAHSP® Convention Cruise, an ASPM®, Master’s Course will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. But, what about ASPs® who can’t be on the cruise and would still like to have a chance to “get in on the action” and have a chance to win? (The Convention Cruise is SOLD OUT!)

You can still be part of the fun! Prior to the cruise, on August 31, we will pull a ticket for an ASPM® Master’s Course from raffle tickets sold online.

How can you participate?

1. To Donate go to
2. Click on “Donate by Credit Card

3. Fill in all the fields and use the drop down menu on “IAHSP Chapter” to select “ASPM Course Raffle” to purchase a $50 raffle ticket.

4. Fill in the coded security words at the bottom

5. Click SEND at the bottom of the window

6. Click on “Proceed to next screen”

7. Enter your donation amount and click “Donate”

8. Fill in credit card information on Google Checkout

Want to increase your chances?

Raffle Tickets Image
And donation proceeds are the only funding for WWSSW® projects.  As your IAHSP® chapter receives money for your projects, it came from donations!

Some chapters are selling extra chances similar to the following scenario:

· Chapter XYZ purchases one or more $50 tickets.

· They sell chances on those tickets within their own chapter at whatever $ value they determine.

· If Chapter XYZ’s ticket wins, they pick a ticket from the ones sold in the chapter of who wins the ASPM®, Course

Please remember that all donations are tax deductible…..

Accountant Style Picture

We hope you like this fun way to participate in the IAHSP® Fund Raising this year.


Barb Schwarz, Sandra Holmes, Jane Ann Lance, Trish & Young Kim, Joan Inglis & Blair Hamaty

2010 IAHSP® Foundation Fundraising Committee

Questions?  Email: [email protected]

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