11 Ideas for Functional and Comfortable Baths from Your Dreams

Have you just bought a new house? Or are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? One of the major perks of being a home-owner is the chance to put all your ideas to the test and design individual rooms, making sure they fit your personality and there is no room more challenging and inspiring to design than the bathroom. A seriously underrated area of the house by some, the bathroom is a place where you will spend a good chunk of your time so better make sure it’s nice and comfortable. You wouldn’t want your morning routine to be disrupted by annoyances, such as not having enough room for all your toiletries or not being able to turn around just because you decided to go with that amazing, yet cumbersome bath of your dreams. No matter the size of your bathroom, the following 11 ideas for the bathroom of your dreams and a little customization will do the magic, and you’ll be feeling like royalty in no time. Here goes: 1. Reflect Your Style: Make Yourself at Home Choosing a theme or style when designing a bathroom is important because it will determine how you feel when you’re there later. A water themed bathroom will have water accents and help you feel relaxed, making you feel like you’re on a beach somewhere; while a more modern black-and-white combo will give off a more professional vibe. Combine solid colors with accents: choose a feeling and create the design around it.   2.  The Right Color Palette: No Odd Mixes Choose a color palette and stick to it: avoid having contrasts in your solid pieces, so that the room feels warm and inviting. Too much contrast could mean feeling like there’re two rooms instead of one, and that’s something we’d like to avoid.         3. Bath vs. Shower: Have the Best of Both Worlds Make the right decision for you. Many people install tubs just because they feel like they should. If you’re not likely to use the bath more than once a year, maybe a shower is a better fit for you. But, if you would still like to enjoy the benefits of both, go with a combo and let your current mood decide whether you’d like a bath or a shower.             4. The Right Tiles: Never Slip Again If you decide to go with a shower instead of the combo, choose textured tiles for the flooring – it will be just as easy to clean and you’ll never have to worry about slipping again. Luckily, there’s a big selection of tiles and flooring for the bathroom to choose from, so you’ll have no issue finding something that fits.       5. Floor Heating: No More Shivering How many times have you stepped out of the bath and onto the cold floor tiles and got rewarded with goose bumps? In an ideal world and a dream bathroom, this never has to happen again – use the remodeling to add floor heating to your bathroom and never be tempted to stay in the shower forever, just to avoid the cold floor, again.     6. Add 2-Inch Plumbing: Make Drainage Easy If you’re doing a full remodel, take advantage of it and replace the standard 1.5-Inch plumbing pipes with 2-Inch ones. This will improve the water damage and help prevent clogging, so it’s a sound investment.               7. Add a Hidden-Tank Toilet: A Modern Alternative to Plumbing Choosing a toilet with a hidden tank will free up space above your toilet, and will give off a more modern vibe. If you choose to go with one of the low-flow models as well, you’ll be saving water with every flush: it’s a very eco-friendly and practical option.           8. Save Space with a Recessed Medicine Cabinet The toilet tank doesn’t have to be the only hidden thing in your bathroom: go the route of a recessed medicine cabinet and never have to worry about bulky cupboards sticking out of the wall, making for an unseemly sight.             9. The Right Vanity for the Room  When it comes to vanities you have three options: free standing, wall mounted and corner vanities. Both free standing and wall mounted have a double-sink option, while the corner one was designed to save space and has only one sink. If you’re looking to save some additional space, go for the wall mounted version and open up the room some more. It will make your bathroom seem bigger and it makes for easier cleaning. Win-win.       10. The Lighting Makes the Room  Typically bathrooms have very little natural light, so be sure to add a window if that’s possible. The window will also help air things out and avoid mold accumulation.  Even with no mirrors, the right lighting choices can make your bathroom stand out.  Invest in ceiling lighting and watch them work their magic.         11. Use Accents to Pull the Look Together Easily overlooked, accents are the best way to make your bathroom fancy and comfortable. Feel free to use contrasting colors, add a vase of flowers and some candles, and the room really comes to life. The right bathroom design will maximize the space and the functionality of your bathroom, show off your style and make you feel comfortable.       With these 11 ideas you’ll be able to create the right design for you and improve the efficiency of your bathroom space usage.   Article submitted by Sam Rosario  http://www.thebestflushingtoilet.com/  

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