15 Interior Design Tips to Impress Guests Instantly

Everyone wants to make a good impression when they welcome their guests into their home – it’s natural to want so. While you should decorate your house entirely by your taste, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep your guests in mind because at some point or another we all have guests in our homes and we should make them feel like home. There is always something you can improve in your house and I like to believe that that’s the fun of interior design. As well, redecoration and renewing the environment you live in is very healthy, so a little redecoration before your guests arrive is all you need. Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting you our top 15 interior design tips to impress your guests instantly.

1.     Let the Door Set the Tone

I like to believe that the door is actually the first decoration item for the house interior design. Even though one side appears to be on the exterior, its beauty does magic on the inside too, check www.aussiessay.com if you don’t trust me. As well, the front door’s unicity seen from the outside should be a representation of the interior of your house. Therefore, you should choose it accordingly, and even add some decorations like hanging lamps or flowers.

2.    It All Starts With the Entrance

I know that when someone says interior design one thinks only at what inside the house, but the entrance is where the magic first happens. In the entrance is your first chance to impress your lovely guests and make them feel like home or in another world, depending on what you’re aiming for. The entrance shouldn’t have too many decoration items while it should be large and spacious with an interesting designed place destined for jackets, shoes, and luggage. Of course, a nice painting, a plant, and old fashion furniture would look amazing in the entrance hall, according to one of the best essay writer.

3.    Smell Has Everything to Do With Interior Design

Everyone should know by now that every house has its own specific smell and because we are all different and very used to our own smell, any guest will notice your house smell. Therefore, you must be very careful about this small and yet very important aspect of your home, advices an expert from Velvetjobs. The smell can really determine one’s pleasant staying at your house because some people can be very sensitive to smells. So, you’d better take an air diffuser that will mix well in the picture for every room, or at least for the main rooms and the guests’ rooms.

4.    Large Plants

Plants are simply magical for every house. Not only that they will take care of your health by producing fresh air and cleaning the air, but there’s no better décor for a house than plants are. Large plants are the ones that do the real magic for your interior design, so you should focus on placing a large exotic plant everywhere space allows you to. Some of the best plants are Aloe vera, Ficus, and Kentia palm.

5.     Make the Walls Come Alive

Many people are afraid to decorate their walls and keep them pained in simple colors. Now I don’t mean to decorate them with paintings and shelves, I mean unusual wallpapers that will impress anyone that crosses your house and that will make anyone admire your courage. The abstract wallpapers that are inspired by nature are the best if you ask me and Grabmyessay reviews. I to the risk and decorate my kitchen with a very light green-based wallpaper that has different shapes of beautiful flowers lined with white. It looks simply amazing.

6.    Art is Key

Every house looks entirely different when art is present in it. Art is just another way to say beautiful or amazing, so a piece of art should be mandatory for impressing your guests and for falling in love with your own house.

7.     Play With Colors

People seem to get bolder and bolder when it comes to colors today and this makes me very happy because radiant colors represent that you’re alive and therefore your house is too. Like a friend of mine used to say, life is too short to wear boring colors and the same goes to interior design. Now you don’t have to exaggerate and make it look like a hippie club, but a set of 4 multicolored, old-school armchairs arranged by a small tea-table will change the aspect of a room instantly and I bet that you guest will love to spend some time there.

8.    Go Green

Today more and more people are fighting against the pollution in the world and I believe that we all should because without Mother Nature we wouldn’t exist after all – said an expert from uk.superiorpapers.com. Anyway, going green is not only a great idea for your interior design and for nature, but tell me one person who doesn’t admire another who cares for the health of the environment? Nothing will impress your guests more than going green would.

9.    Eye-Catching Shine

Shiny things are considered to be extravagant and others say that it’s poor taste, but if it comes in moderation as a unique item from the ambiance it will totally change the outlook of an entire room. A bright crystal on a small table or a piece of bronze furniture could be all the shine a room needs to catch the eye of your lovely guests.

10.                        Lighting is Everything

Every house needs lightning and from here on you have two options: it’s going to be basic or a piece of art? The choice is yours.

11. Open Plan Design

The open plan design makes your house feel bigger and more welcoming for a larger number of people which is exactly what you’re looking for when you’re having guests.

12.                        A Clean House is Everything

The interior design can be useless in only one case scenario: when your house is dirty and not taken care off. Your house should be clean at all times for health matters, but when you’re having guests there’s nothing ruder then welcoming them in a not particularly clean house.

13.                        Try Wall Decoration

The walls should never be too empty, they should be full of paintings of all sorts. You can even start collecting painting from every place you travel, so you’ll have a great story to tell about them to all your future guests.

14.                        Accessories

I used to consider accessories items that collect the dust until I saw the magic of a well-arranged corner in my friend’s house that made me understand the purpose of accessorizing the house. It can totally change the atmosphere.

15.   Pillows are Always a Good Idea

Pillows on a cough are simply lovely and comfortable and it will bring any guest a cozy feeling that will make him feel close to his home, so make sure that they aren’t missing from the picture.


Playing with interior design all over your house is always a great, creative, entertaining, and even relaxing activity. Not to mention that change – the feeling of new – is extremely good and very much needed every now and then. Above are just 15 insightful tips that you can easily adapt in your home, but you should dare to get creative and follow your instincts. As well, even though you are looking forward to impressing your guests, remember that at the end of the day you are the one who lives there, so you should prioritize your tastes because you can’t please everybody anyway.

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