2015 Worldwide Staging Service Week® is coming soon

Dear IAHSP® Chapter Leaders: 2015 Worldwide Staging Service Week® is coming soon… September 12th to19th. This year the IAHSP® Foundation, Inc. is donating $1,000 to each local IAHSP® Chapter that participates with a registered and approved WWSSW® Project. We are so pleased to be able to send this amount to your IAHSP® Chapter this year! If you haven’t done so already, please discuss this wonderful event with your IAHSP® Chapter, select your project, develop a plan and then register your project by going to this link: https://www.regonline.com/2015WWSSW To receive the funds you MUST REGISTER YOUR WWSSW® PROJECT AND THEN HAVE IT APPROVED BY BARB at IAHSP® International. Barb receives notice when you register your project on regonline through the link above. Then Barb and BJ will write you to let you know asap as your project is approved. Kirk, our IAHSP® Foundation Treasure, will be sending out checks next week to those chapters who have registered their projects already and that were approved. He will contact each registered chapter as to where to send the check and who to make it out to. Some chapters have checking accounts and some do not. So the check will be either made out to your IAHSP® chapter when you have a checking account for the chapter or to a member of the local board to cash for the WWSSW® project if there is no checking account for your IAHSP® chapter. Also when your project is approved Barb places it on the IAHSP® Foundation site with the name of the your IAHSP® Chapter and the name of your project. See examples here or those registered and approved already for this year: http://www.iahsp.com/wwssw/2015_projects.php Each of these projects have already been approved. Then after you have finished your IAHSP® Chapter Project and sent your write up and pictures to Barb she places the links to the write ups and pics from where your project is listed on IAHSP®. See examples from last year’s 2014 pictures and write-ups of projects here:http://www.iahsp.com/wwssw/2014_projects.php As you know our WWSSW® changes the lives of those you/we help and greatly enriches the lives of all of the ASPs® who participate in these projects. Please become involved. Register your project, and then receive monetary assistance from the IAHSP® Foundation to help make it happen. Thank you so very, very much for changing the lives I/we know you do through our WWSSW® each year. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. All our best, Barb and Kirk and the IAHSP® International Board Kirk Bohrer, ASPM, IAHSP® Treasure Barb Schwarz, WWSSW Founder, IAHSP Chairwoman

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