3 Fundamental Tips to Successfully Sell Waterfront Properties


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  Many homeowners thought that they could easily get a ‘yes’ from potential buyers after putting their waterfront house on sale. While the idea of ‘living by the water’ can set your home on higher demand, there are still other more crucial factors that can influence a client’s interest. Regardless of its location and structure, it has always been a daunting task to sell a property successfully. The good thing is the information source isn’t a problem nowadays. You can always take the good sides of online suggestions and peer commentaries into consideration. Professional marketing ideas from specialized realtors will surely be of great help, as well. Adding to that, we’ve listed here the fundamental steps that you can include in your home selling checklist.  

Spruce Everything Up to Boost Curb Appeal

Picking up trash, pulling the weeds out, raking beach sand (for beachfront), mowing your turf to your waterline, and ensuring there are no potential hazards in house premises are the most basic, almost non-cost actions you can easily pull through. That being said, many homeowners still pull out all the stops when it comes to tending the rest of their property. Cleanliness creates a warm and inviting ambiance on your property, not to mention that it’s waterfront. In staging the outside appearance of your property, Kyle Hiscock, a licensed realtor, suggested the following tips:
  1. Waterfront Visibility. Nicely trim all those bushes, shrubs, or trees that are obstructing the view. Take note of only “trimming” the leaves and not to entirely cut the trees down. Clean both the exterior and interior parts of all your windows. Doing so can maximize the visibility to the waterfront.
  2. Shoreline Cleanliness. Take time to tidy up your waterfront properties shoreline because several distinct natural occurrences, such as seaweed infested shoreline, can be one of the biggest turnoffs for many potential buyers. It can be cumbersome, but it’s worthwhile.
  3. Dock Accessibility. While women get attracted to a waterfront view, male homebuyers get easily attached to the idea of boating. If your house has a dock, make sure that’s accessible and ensure high-quality stability so the potential buyers can try it out. The last thing you should do is to introduce an unsafe dock.
Even in waterfront properties, curb appeal still plays an essential role in generating positive first impressions from any potential homebuyers. Waterfront view’s visibility, beach or lake maintenance, and dock accessibility should always be considered in boosting your property’s curb appeal.  

Price Right From the Start

Your property’s listing price is one of the determining factors whether your house would be sold or not. Pricing your property too high, for example, might remain your house unsold, causing it to sit long on the market and ignite stigma to potential buyers. Alternatively, pricing it too low would, of course, leave no money on the table.   Right pricing from the start is the key. It can be done by conducting a comparative market analysis. For starters, Homelight shared a round-up of house pricing strategies from reliable realtors:
  1. Start with researching your home value estimate. You can use tools like automated valuation models (AVMs) online, but don’t stop and settle for this. Remember, it’s just an “estimate.” It’s best to ask for professional help afterward.
  2. Set your price objectively based on a comparative market analysis (CMA). What you or your realtor will do here is to nail down the price range, but size up the competition.
  3. Undercut your house price to generate a bidding war. Don’t take it the wrong way. Setting an asking price low doesn’t always confine a seller into a lowball sales price. Together with a novel approach, undercutting the price can initiate a sense of urgency among buyers that can lead to multiple offers.
  Consider seasonal shifts in the market, strict time frame, and online pricing benchmarks, as well. More importantly, it’s essential for you to know that every strategy, professional or not, isn’t without its risks. It’s deemed necessary to prepare a clear cut plan.   Get a Home Inspection Potential buyers would normally ask a lot of “hows” and “whys” regarding the possible occurrences with living in your waterfront property in the future, including flood insurance. Your testimonials about how you dealt with water issues in the past can help the soon-to-be owners. Even so, there’s a need to determine the hidden possible water issues that may turn a sale sour. Hence, it’s best to undergo a pre-listing home inspection. While it would cost you some money and time, it would surely prevent you from inadvertently purchasing a money pit.   Takeaway Selling your house doesn’t only deal with numbers. Science, art, and psychology are involved in home selling too. If you’re not confident enough in marketing your home, consider working with realtors who have their thumbs on the pulse for real estate matters.   Article submitted by Tyler Plack  

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