33 Reasons Becoming an ASP® through Stagedhomes.com is Your Best Choice

imageAs you know from my previous articles I am often asked questions about the Accredited Staging Professional® Course (ASP®) by many who consider becoming a Home Stager. Some emails are long; others short. A couple of days ago I received an email with a short and concise question: “Why Home Staging Training with Stagedhomes.com?” Accredited Staging Professional training with StagedHomes.com provides you with more than just the highest quality Home Staging Training available. If you are interested in becoming a Home Stager, here are at least 33 reasons why becoming an ASP® through Stagedhomes.com is your best choice:
1 The ASP® Course was the first Home Staging Training course in the world and it’s still the most innovative and the best!
2 The ASP® Course is the most comprehensive Home Staging training course offered anywhere.
3 The ASP® Course teaches ALL the important aspects of starting, running and building a Staging business so you can be successful as quickly as possible.
4 Learn from Barb Schwarz experiences as she is The Creator of Home Staging® and has developed the ASP® program to help you build on her successes.
5 All ASP® Course trainers are handpicked by Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging®, and go through a very comprehensive training program so that they teach the ASP® Course in the same format and style as Barb Schwarz teaches it in.
6 The ASP® Stager Designation is the most widely respected, well known and internationally recognized Home Staging Designation in both the Real Estate and Home Staging industries.
7 You can retake the ASP® Course as many times as you like for a nominal fee. There is so much information to learn and new ideas and materials added all the time, so it’s nice to have the ability to take a refresher course. You have heard the saying, “Repetition is the Mother of Learning” and when it comes to the ASP® Course this is very true indeed.
8 You receive hands-on experience Staging a home during the ASP® Course. This is a very educational and empowering learning experience and opportunity, as well as fun!
9 You receive a comprehensive, detailed, 150+ page ASP® Stager Training Manual.
10 You will be given two ASP® Marketing CDs loaded with hundreds of proven business-building ideas that I have personally prepared and recorded for your continued learning after you graduate. They are long and intensive and you will want to listen to them over and over again.
  Please click here for the full list of reasons why becoming an ASP® through Stagedhomes.com is your best choice. Barb Barb Schwarz The Creator of Home Staging® CEO StagedHomes.com Founder/Chairwoman, The International Association of Home Staging Professionals  

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