4 Best Online Interior Design Tools to Decorate Your Home

Are you planning to decorate your home and are uncertain how furniture and decorations will look together with your current layout?

Or maybe you have recently purchased a fix and flip and are trying to maximize your resale value with a great interior design look?

Well, not to worry! There are many interior design tools on the internet at your disposal.

These tools are great to give you an idea of how your home or apartment will look with different color and furniture combinations, all before spending a penny on any furnishings.

Whether you are looking to remodel a single room like your kitchen or your entire home or apartment, you should highly consider using one of the following tools to assist you with your project.  

These tools allow you to work faster and more efficiently while also increasing the likelihood of a great outcome for your decoration project.

1 – FloorPlanner

This website allows you to design your home or apartment using its floor planning software, without any downloading needed. 

With the ability to move various items around such as furniture, doors and windows, you will be able to see these objects in both 2D and 3D. 

Minimal computer skills are needed for this user friendly tool.

All the basic features are free but it is best to upgrade to the premium package to view your project in high definition and to layout different floor plans to compare them side by side.

You can start with a free package or pay $5 dollars per month for the premium features depending on how complex your project is or how frequently you are are doing projects.

Visit the site.

2 – Planner5D

Planner 5D requires you to download the application for use, it works on both android and iOS devices.  

This app has an incredible feature that allows you to view your property as if you were standing inside of it. This really gives you a nice realistic perspective of what your place will look like once it is completed.

With its drag and drop capabilities, you can move walls, furniture, windows, change materials and colors, and switch between 2D and 3D as you wish. 

Being able to see all the angles from this viewpoint will help you avoid making costly mistakes you otherwise might make without this application.

This app has both a free and premium version.  The premium version allows you to save your design renders and costs around $7 dollars per month or $25 dollars per year.

Visit the site.

3 – Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is another great option for designing renders of you property.  

This app has plenty of objects in its library which allows you to see various realistic simulations of how your property will look. Also if you have any unique features like an oddly shaped wall, it is possible to implement these distinctive characteristics into this program.

All these objects allow you to get creative with different possible floor plans without any technical experience required.

Once you have created your ideal design you are free to take a virtual 3D tour, showing you what your finished product will look like once it is completed.

Most people will only need the free and easy to use version which comes with 100 pieces of digital furniture and 26 textures.

Visit the site.

4 – Sketch Up

Sketch Up is a fun interior design tool to use, it lets you draw with your hand, giving you the maximum freedom of all the apps on the market in this field.

Another advantage is there is no need to download anything, as the entire platform is web based. 

It shares similar features to the apps listed above in that you can place and remove object from various places inside your virtually designed property.

Lastly, the tool is free but in order to access its premium features like augmented reality, you will need to pay a minimum of $120 per year, making it one of the priciest options available on the market for interior design tools.

If you are uncertain about using any of these tools for your interior decoration project, just keep in mind these are the tools professional interior designers use successfully on a daily basis. 

If you want to be like the pros and have a beautiful apartment when your project is finalized, we highly recommend you follow their lead.

Lastly, consider the cost savings these tools can provide you. 

It will not only save you from expensive mistakes but it will also help you save money on paying for a costly professorial interior designer.

Regardless of which tool you select for you interior decorations, just give it a go, most of these tools have free trials to use which you would be foolish to not take full advantage of.

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About the Author

Russ Barneson works as a marketer for CrescentLenders.com, a Los Angeles, California based bridge lender.  Crescent Lender funds commercial and residential real estate borrowers with short term financing for their real estate deals. 

Russ is a Southern California native and when he is not working, he enjoys surfing, skiing, playing poker and writing the Hard Money Blog.