4 Creative Tiny Home Renovations

Tiny homes can be comfortable, cozy, and cute, but they can also feel confining and cluttered. If you relate to  the latter descriptions, then there is still hope for you and your tiny home. The one barrier that stands between you and the home of your dreams is the lack of space. If you want to enjoy your small home but still make it spacious, don’t look at the lack of space as restrictive. Instead, look at it as a chance to be creative and create some unique renovations in the space you have.

The great thing about tiny homes is that you have to come up with smart solutions. Here are some creative tiny home renovations you can use to transform your space.

  1. Creative Storage Spaces

One thing that can make tiny homes feel confined is clutter, which can fill up all the big or small spaces. Luckily, there are many ways you can renovate your home to be more stylish yet organized. You can install shelves in the corners rather than across the walls, and add rotating cupboards. Adding a bathroom cabinet to the wall and hanging pots in the kitchen from the ceiling is also a great way to add space. In your bedroom, you can install drawers under the bed and raise your bed on a platform.

  1. Get Creative with Glass

With accordion glass windows and doors, you can open up your room and make your tiny home seem bigger. Outdoor spaces will become more accessible and functional, allowing you to expand your home to the outdoors. It also brings in natural lighting, making your area look wider. Glass ceilings and skylights can increase the lighting while adding unique style to your place when renovating your tiny home. You can install windows in your ceilings and enjoy the warm sunlight during the day, as well as stargazing opportunities at night.

  1. Use Lighting Creatively

Using brighter lighting in rooms and hallways can make them look more spacious. Having large windows is also a great idea as they fit in any décor and improve your plans to add more lighting, creating a new dimension to your tiny home. Renovate your tiny house by replacing curtains with blinds, as they are stylish and modern. They also retain your privacy but can let light in. You can also replace hanging lights with spotlights for better space and lighting, and use wall lamps. Floor lamps in the living room and wall lamps in the bedroom or study will be a good idea.

  1. Be Creative with Space

Being creative with space will be a significant renovation and create more room for you in your tiny home. You can renovate your rooms to offer multiple functions; for instance, the living room can be transformed into a guest room with foldaway furniture. You can also use guest rooms as offices by adding a chic desk and chair to match. You can also transform the tinier spaces in your home. Two possibilities include the space beneath the stairwells that can be used as a mini-library, or a closet that can be used as a laptop station. Adding lofted areas to your tiny home can also add more vertical space. You can transform lofts into reading spaces, a playroom for kids, or an extra bedroom.

You can combine these tiny home renovations or choose one depending on your budget. Don’t let space limit you. You can get creative and create your dream home.

Alex Capozzolo is the owner of the Brotherly Love Real Estate blog and a content writer for the real estate industry. We buy houses in Philadelphia, PA. Our focus is on helping people through one of the most important investment decisions of their lifetime by seamlessly providing fast, honest and professional real estate services.