4 Overlooked Repairs to Make before Listing Your Home

Small details are important when you’re trying to sell a home. Potential buyers don’t want to inherit a laundry list of problems and repairs. Before you post that retail listing, walk through your home and make note of anything that is old, broken, or outdated.  

Replace the Window Screens

  Window screens serve an important functional purpose; but since they’re transparent, many people look right through them. Torn, rusty, or dangling window screens will make your home look old and worn out.   Replacement window screens are affordable and easy to install. If you don’t want to buy new screens, make sure you remove the damaged ones. You don’t need old netting blocking the natural light that enters your home.  

Fix the Garage Door

  Imagine that you’re walking a potential buyer through your home. You get to the garage, press a button to open the door, and wait for an awkward minute while the old mechanism slowly does its job.   If your garage door is annoying when you use it, potential buyers will think it’s annoying, too. Replacement garage door openers are surprisingly inexpensive and will increase the value of your home. If there are any other mechanical elements in your home, make sure they are also in good working condition.  

Re-grout the Tiles

  Fresh-looking kitchens and bathrooms make houses sell significantly faster. Even if the tiles are in good condition, the grout around them might be old and faded. Add a fresh layer to strengthen the seal and make your bathroom tile look brand new.   Re-grouting is something that you can do yourself or hire a professional to handle. Choose a color that matches the fixtures in your bathroom, and make sure you don’t get any directly on the tile.  

Tighten the Doorknobs and Hinges

  You might not notice a rattling doorknob, but you’ll still feel annoyed every time you use that entrance. Test every door in your home to see if it opens smoothly. You can tighten the screws on doorknobs and hinges to restore them to working condition.   Consider replacing any hinges or knobs that are rusty or out of date. Choose a new set of door fixtures that match other metal elements in your home. You should also check the thresholds to see if they need repair or replacement.   When you’re preparing to sell your home, focus on repairs that will increase value without stretching your budget. New home buyers will likely want to redecorate most rooms to their own tastes, so don’t spend too much on cosmetic features. Repair and upgrade foundational elements that could impact future residents’ quality of life.   Article submitted by Emma Sturgis , FREELANCE WRITER

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