4 Relevant Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Staging Your Home

Some people are more inclined to sell their homes themselves rather than hire a realtor. But if you’re looking for the best price possible, it might be worth hiring one. Here are four relevant questions to ask your real estate agent when staging your home.

What Is the Best Way to Stage My Kitchen?

When you think about it, the kitchen is one of the first rooms a potential buyer sees. This means there should be no clutter on counters or tables. Food items should not be in clear sight, and appliances need to be clean as well. The most important thing when preparing your home for sale is to get rid of any odors. For instance, if you’ve recently cooked seafood, switch out those frying pans for some that have never been used before. If possible, hire someone to come in and deep clean the room entirely. Your realtor will tell you if this is required or not.

What Colors Should Be Used Throughout the Home?

After your kitchen, potential buyers will walk through the living room, dining room, and possibly even bedrooms. So it’s important to ensure each room matches its surroundings and has a comfortable feel to it. Most buyers gravitate towards neutral colors such as gray, brown, or white. But a bold color could work too if used properly. When you are thinking about what colors to use, think about the feeling each one gives off. For instance, an all-white kitchen would leave a spacious and bright feel, whereas red would cause dramatic tension.

How Should My Living Room Be Prepared for Viewings?

The living room is typically where the family receives guests, so it should look inviting and relaxing. Just like the kitchen, make sure to clear off any clutter that might be in sight. Old magazines, books, and newspapers should all go into a storage container. Candles or plants with fresh flowers can help create an atmosphere of relaxation for potential buyers as they see your home for the first time.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Seem Bigger and Brighter?

The one-room that stands out the most in terms of appearance is the bathroom. This is because bathrooms typically have either a lot or a little space to work with. The best way to make it look bigger and brighter instead of smaller and darker is by using mirrors. These are great at reflecting light, so they create an illusion of more space than what’s actually there. To make your bathroom feel clean, use white towels and a bath mat soaked in cleaner or bleach water will also boost its cleanliness level. The last tip would be for you not to place any furniture near the shower stall.

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