4 Supplies You Need When Rewiring Your Home for Increased Resale Value

4 Supplies You Need When Rewiring Your Home for Increased Resale Value

    When it comes to your home, it’s likely your biggest financial investment. When it’s time to do any sort of upgrading to your home, you want to ensure you use hardware and features that increase the resale value of your home in the process. When you’re redoing your wiring, here are four different features that should be upgraded.

Wire and Board Sealant

When you’re redoing the wiring in your home, one of the most important things to remember is that there should be no bare wires. While bare wires can be easily covered with electrical tape, it isn’t the most secure option. Instead, opt for push-in wire connectors that leave no exposed wire. This leaves less of a risk of an electrical fire. When working around circuit boards, a circuit board sealer manufacturer can provide you with the necessary sealant to ensure that the board is protected against water damage. Taking these extra steps ensures homeowners that the wiring is safe and provides a higher perceived value over homes that have old wiring.

Tech-Friendly Electrical Panel

One of the most unique upgrades you can do to really improve the value of your home when it comes to your electrical system is the panel box. With tech-friendly options available, you can install a new electrical panel box that will be sure to bring in some value. The most popular are white framed boxes which have clear panel covers so you can easily see what breakers are active. These circuit breakers come with unique LED lights that make identifying tripped circuits easy for the novice. Many of these electrical panels will even integrate with your smartphone so you can be alerted when a breaker trips.

USB Ports

With so much technology using the USB charger, it’s no wonder that new homeowners are desiring this feature. You can easily switch out traditional outlets to include USB compatible devices. You’ll simply need to purchase the USB outlets and have them wired to your existing outlet wires. These ports tend to sport two outlets, just as usual outlets do, but they also include two USB ports for charging.

Dimmer Switches

One quick way to jump up the perceived value of your home is to install some dimmer switches. Dimmer switches have been around for a while, but the ones you install should be a bit more advanced. You can install switches that allow you to use your smartphone to dim and brighten the lights. When you integrate smartphone technology into the lighting in your home, you will more people in the technology era who want a tech-style home. Rewiring your home is a big job that should be done by a licensed professional. Talk with your electrician about integrating these four features into your home when you’re rewiring. They will increase the appeal and market value of your home.

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