4 ways the interior of your home can affect the value

The interior of any home is extremely important, as this is where we spend most of our daily time. Everyone will have their own opinions about what they like about someone’s house, whether it be the type of flooring they have or the layout of the kitchen. Home valuation can be tricky but making the most important areas of your home stand out can have an amazing financial effect.


The kitchen is often seen as the most important room of any home in terms of raising the value of a home. This is because the kitchen is a central cog within any home and is used every day for meals. If a kitchen needs renovating then simple tasks like painting and cleaning may not completely help. Kitchens are very expensive which arguably makes them the most vital and replacing benches, cupboards, fixtures and fittings is very expensive. The value of any home is heavily determined by the kitchen, so making sure that it is looking up to date and becomes an inviting space in which the current or potential homeowner will enjoy using. When staging a kitchen, it is important to ensure that there is no clutter or unnecessary items lying around and it looks like a large space that is inviting and usable.


Floors are a vital part to any home because of how much they are used. We may not think about it often, but our floors literally make our home what it is and are therefore extremely vital. Choosing the best flooring for your home can be a difficult decision to make because of all the extensive choices available to purchase. There is carpet, laminate, vinyl, hybrid, timber, oak, stone, concrete and more. There are so many different varieties and each have their own positives and negatives. Choosing the correct floor for each type of room is quite important as some floors are better suited than others. A fancy concrete floor may look great in a penthouse apartment but maybe not a small unit in the outer suburbs. Choosing what works for your home will ultimately make it feel ‘right’ and therefore increase the potential to add value to the eyes from external eyes.


Living spaces are vital to modern living and the year 2020 has created more at home living meaning that these spaces are even more important. The modern trend is open plan living with a kitchen flowing to the dining room and onto the living room. This is usually created with an island bench within the kitchen to emulate more space and an overall feeling of togetherness between these spaces. A clunky floorplan will do nothing but harm the value of a home because it can be quite difficult to fix. Removing walls can help alleviate any issues, however this is impossible in some spaces and can be an expensive renovation. Floorplan is only chosen when building a new home but subtle changes can be made to improve the overall flow of a home when needed.


Lighting is an underrated metric and can seriously improve a home even if it seems like a small change won’t make much of a difference. Natural sunlight is a major selling point for many homes, but is not possible for everyone. Creating ambient lighting throughout every space is important to add extra effect. Bringing an electrician into your home can help you to collaborate with an expert with light placement and the correct lights for each space. At night having lighting that brings out the most of every room can be a great selling point when it comes down to selling.

The interior of any house is what make it a home, a nice and relaxing place that is visually appealing and enjoyable. Increasing valuation by improving your home can make yourself happier whilst living in by making every space the best you envision it to be. Receiving more money as a result is a bonus when the time to sell is right.

Article submitted by Mitchell B – addmetop.com