5 Easy Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathroom for Living – By Merri Cvetan – Home Depot Guest Blogger

5 Easy Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathroom for Living By Merri Cvetan – Guest Blogger – Home Depot Online If your master bath is lacking color and style, then it’s time to rethink and redecorate the space. Even if a major remodel isn’t in your near future, you don’t have to settle for dressing and grooming in an outdated bathroom. After all, it’s a room you spend a lot of time in. Like the rest of your home, the master bath should reflect your style and personality. That means bringing in color, art and accessories. Picture1 In order to get some additional expertise, we reached out to Bill Gassett, a top Real Estate agent at RE/MAX Executive Realty for his thoughts on great bathroom remodeling ideas. He has been selling homes for nearly 30 years in Massachusetts and has seen many trends come and go. “What is popular today in bathrooms is different than ten years ago. Today, the whirlpool tub has been replaced by the custom tile shower with a beautiful set of doors. These showers are quite often oversized with ample room for two people. Cabinetry in bathrooms has remained fairly consistent with white, maple and cherry being popular wood choices,” he says. If you’re not sure how to accessorize your bathroom or which styles fits your personality, browse through some online inspiration, like this interactive that shows you how to style the same bath vanity three different ways. Picture2 This bathroom has good bones and a practical layout. But if yours doesn’t, replacing the vanity, countertop and sinks can be done with relativity little mess and inconvenience, especially if you don’t change the footprint of the room. Gasset says that granite and quartz countertops are at the top of most buyers wish list. “Given that bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a home for re-sale, homeowners can feel confident that spending money on these items offer a good return on investment,” he says. Here are some other quick steps to take to add pizzazz: Picture3
  1. Replace the Hardware
The easiest fix (after new paint) is to replace the hardware. You can find hundreds of knobs and pulls in dozens of styles and sizes, finishes and colors and wood, metal or ceramic. Don’t let the myriad of options scare you. Narrow down the selection to a finish that coordinates with your bath’s  fixtures or lighting or a color that goes with the paint.
  1. Add Accessories
Accessories are the icing on the cake. You carefully choose decorative items to display in your living room or bedroom, so do the same in the bathroom. This bathroom is painted violet with a grey countertop and chrome fixtures. I decided against matchy-matchy and went big and bold. Instead of buying a complete bath ensemble of accessories, I chose a soap dispenser and cup in silver, embossed ceramic. The other pieces are a stain-glass mosaic in pretty shades of purple, green and blue. The pieces work together because of the contrast. The added texture complements the smooth laminate countertop surface. Picture4  
  1. Use Coordinating Towels
Towels are a no-brainer. The advice I give to all my design clients is to buy the best you can afford, which is especially true for towels. For the full spa-like experience, choose towels that are full, plush and big. Towel bars and rings should  also coordinate with the other finishes in the room. Hang one for each person using the bath. Look for unusual containers to display towels. A metal bucket or basket on the counter keeps them handy. Overall, you should treat colorful towels as an accessory. Picture5
  1. Soften the Room with Area Rugs
Don’t limit yourself to the bathroom department when looking for a rug. You’ll find more styles, patterns and colors in the “regular” rug department. In this case, I found these round mats in purple. Everything in the room has straight, linear lines, so the round shape offers some relief from the right angles. Plus, two rugs not only define each person’s space, but they’re also easier to clean. Picture6
  1. Finish with Art
You fill the walls in the rest of your home with paintings and drawings that you love, so do the same in your bathroom. Hang art that means something to you—but be sure to enclose them in waterproof frames. This fun and funky metal sign won’t be damaged by water and humidity, and you instantly know something about the people who live here just by reading it. Picture7 In just one afternoon, you can redecorate your master bath into a room you’ll love spending time in. Enjoy your new space that speaks to who are you. Merri Cvetan is a Wisconsin interior designer who writes on bath renovation design concepts for The Home Depot. Merri’s recommendations on vanities, hardware and accessories are focused on do-it-yourself projects that can yield big results. If you are researching bath vanity styles for your home, you can view a wide-ranging selection on Home Depot’s website.

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