5 Insider Tips on Staging a Bar Cart Area

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Once you decide to sell your home, you’ll have to clean it up and host open house tours. Polishing and dusting might not be enough to demonstrate your property’s potential, so your realtor could recommend that you stage certain areas. Giving potential buyers a clear idea on how they can use certain features of the house and creating a lifestyle message is important when working to attract potential buyers and sell your house faster.

Staging your home inspires the imagination. When people can imagine themselves relaxing with friends or hosting a party in the property, they’ll feel more attached to your space. Use these simple tips to create a focal point with a bar cart. These carts have gained popularity in recent years because they offer flexibility with location and use, allowing homeowners to wheel a drink cart to various parts of a house, while adding needed storage options.

1. Consider What the Cart Holds

Think about what you’d like your bar cart to hold. If you already have plenty of glasses, supplies and bottles, you might need a cart with shelving or drawers. Someone with only the basics could opt for an open, minimalist design. You do not have to feature alcohol – your cart can be used to showcase a cool glassware collection, refreshing beverages or other seasonal drinks, or can be used as a mobile chef station with cookware, cookbooks, and utensils for easy access.

Reviewing your current bar essentials narrows down which bar cart would look best in your home. Assessing how much space you will need helps ensure you won’t overcrowd a small tray or have any awkward empty spaces.

2. Keep Your Style Consistent

After you check out various cart designs and find trendy styles you enjoy, keep your preferred style consistent throughout your home. If you have metallic accents in your home decor, you can select a bar cart with metallic elements like gold edging. Add plants on the top tray and place indoor plants on nearby shelves to help bring in natural elements.

When you keep your style consistent, staging a bar cart area becomes a breeze. Whatever cart you choose will fit seamlessly into your house and inspire potential buyers to imagine themselves having fun in that room.

3. De-Personalize the Room and Create some Whimsy

Staging your home means removing anything too personal from every room, like your child’s drawings or your dog’s toys, personal photos and collections. Even when you clear your house and make it look like something out of a magazine, you can still add whimsy with how you utilize features of the room. You can use a bar cart to showcase cooking, parties, and other social aspects that make a room inviting.

Other elements around can compliment it and make it more of a focal point. You might replace old carpet or worn hardwood floors with something like porcelain, which resists cracks without breaking your budget and adds value to your home.

4. Vary Your Bottles

Staging a bar cart area could also involve arranging the bottles on every tray or shelf. Vary the size and colors of each bottle so the cart catches the eye. You might even restock your bar cart with bottles that match your interior so they don’t look out of place. If you are going for a sophisticated visual, make sure your presentation looks like the life of the party without reminding guests of their college apartments.

5. Find Special Glassware

Your glassware should be decorative and make your bar cart fun. Instead of hanging old wine glasses under the top tray or aligning tumblers, find unique and purposeful glassware that correctly serves designated drinks. The curves, edging and stems of your glassware can enhance your guest’s experience and the room around it.

Get Started Today

These five insider tips on staging a bar cart area will enhance your home and add a little whimsy for buyers. Play around with carts, design elements and glassware to find the best options for that special room in your house.

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