5 Storage Ideas to Add Space to Any Room

Storage can be a challenge for anyone designing their dream home, whether you’re working with a tight space and trying to fit in all the things you need or simply want to stretch your favorite room for all it’s worth. What happens when there isn’t enough space for cabinetry, or when the usual storage simply isn’t enough? Perhaps you want a solution that’s seamless and doesn’t even look like storage.

There are so many options available to give just about any room a little extra room for whatever you need. Fitting everything in doesn’t mean you have to go minimalist. In fact, you can find the space for all your stuff in a variety of ways.

1. Hidden in the Ottoman

One of the best ways to gain a little extra storage in a living space is using an ottoman or coffee table that opens up to reveal storage inside. This is perfect for blankets, pillows, cables and cords that can sometimes clutter a den. You’ll only need to pull those things out when you actually plan on using them. Furniture always blends in with the rest of the room, so it can be your little secret.

2. Floating Shelves

If floor space is your concern, floating shelves are the perfect storage solution for any room. They don’t have to be just for dainty decorations — in fact, they can hold just about anything without being an eyesore. From stacks of sweaters to loads of books, the floating shelf tends to give everything a lift. You can install them yourself and be on your way.

3. A Desk That Does It All

While minimal desks are often in trend, there’s nothing like a desk with ample storage to tie together an office space. Sometimes, one larger piece of furniture can rid you of the need to buy two or three smaller items that would ultimately clutter the room even more. Nowhere is this more prevalent than office spaces. If you’re planning a workspace, find a desk that really holds it all. It may feel like a lot at first, but it’ll pay off when you see it working its magic.

4. Go for the Corners

The corners of any room are often a tight squeeze to put things like furniture or decor, but storage is another story entirely. From the kitchen to your den, the corners are an often forgotten place with room to spare. In the kitchen, spin-out cabinets can offer more depth for larger cookware, and in the rest of the house, you can utilize corner shelving or hang some hooks to make a little extra room.

5. Make Your Seating Work

Just like ottomans and coffee tables are great at masking hidden treasures or clutter, your seating can often do the same. Finding benches that open up or creating a breakfast nook in the kitchen with storage beneath the seats can take something you need and give it another purpose. Benches and seats offer up a lot of room beneath them, and just one can do a lot for your storage needs.

Tucked Away

Compiling your things to fit just right into your home isn’t always easy, but the good news is that storage is often simpler and more flexible than you realize. You can find so many places in your home to tuck away all the things that need somewhere to go. From up high overhead to right underneath your seat, storage is meant to be versatile. Find a method that works for you and watch all that clutter disappear.

Article submitted by Kacey Bradley, Lifestyle Blogger seen on Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, My Registry, Bridal Musings and more!