5 Tips for Choosing the Best Plants to Stage Your Home

When staging your home, it’s important to have plants whether faux or real to bring the outside inside and add living elements to the buyer experience. Check out these tips for choosing common houseplants to do the job. Here Are 5 Common Houseplants That You Might Want To Consider Adding To Your Home In Preparation To Show Your Place Off To Prospective Buyers:
  1. Ferns
Ferns are a very popular option for adding a touch of nature to home decor. And with ferns, there are many sizes and varieties to choose from. Large ones can be purchased as floor plants, or they can be hung from the ceiling on hooks. Ferns can also be added to colorful pots or vases and placed on countertops or tabletops. They’re subtle enough to blend in with their surroundings so they’re perfect in minimalist-inspired spaces.  
  1. Cacti and Succulents
Succulents are a favorite among many homeowners these days. They’re low-maintenance so even those who struggle to keep plants alive can find success with succulents. And succulents are beautiful with their many detail, shapes, and colors. Cacti are also great desert plants for staging a home. They require little upkeep and add visual interest and texture to any space.  Make sure no cacti are in pathways where buyers may get stung/stabbed by the needles. These plants look great on bookshelves, mantles, on countertops in the bathroom, and any other area of the home you want to enhance.  
  1. Floor Plants
To make any room less empty, or to draw the eye upward in rooms with high ceilings, a floor plant is a great addition. Floor plants fill vertical space that other accessories don’t quite reach. Plus, they help create balance in a room, keeping it from feeling too sterile. And floor plants can complement any style from modern to traditional. Popular floor plants include the fiddle leaf plant, ficus trees, and different kinds of topiaries. These are all common houseplants that have a big impact.  
  1. Palms
Looking to add a little tropical energy to your home as part of the staging process? Then palms are the way to go. Though palms undoubtedly give off a beachy vibe, you don’t have to have a coastal theme for them to work with your decor. These plants are classic and timeless and their addition will amp up the style of your home.  
  1. Floral Arrangements
When incorporating flowers into your staging efforts, you don’t have to go with a formal floral arrangement. Even just a couple of fresh flowers in a vase or potted flowers can be the perfect addition. Flowers can add such a burst of color into any area and make a room seem more feminine and alive. If you’d rather go the subtle route, you can opt for white, or pick from any other color combination you can think of. Now that you’re armed with these tips for picking the perfect common houseplants for staging your home, you can enjoy the fun part of shopping for the plants you like the best! Here are a couple of buying tips.   These Common Houseplants Are a Breathe of Fresh Hair If you were on the fence about which greens to bring into your home, any of these common houseplants will do the trick. And don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one type of plant. You can choose as many as you’d like.

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