5 top Outdoor Improvements to Boost the Value of Your Home

When you are thinking about doing improvements on your home it is important that you go for ones that will boost the value of your home the most. Improving unnecessary things is one of the biggest mistakes you can do when updating your home. With that being said there are our top 5 outdoor improvements that will boost the value of your home.

Improve Your Curb Appeal in the Front Yard

As we all know first impressions usually make or break the deal. Having a nice, clean and decluttered front yard will alter the buyer’s perception instantly. In addition to tidying up, your lawn you can have shaped trees, trimmed hedges and a nice debris-free scene. But it doesn’t only need the lawn, you can also replace your old garage doors, front doors, doorknobs or window frames.

Add Outdoor Accessories

Even Though curb appeal is the biggest part of selling a home for a good price, not all buyers care for fancy landscaping in order to make a good offer on a house. When it comes to outdoor improvements it is important that you choose ones that are going to raise the value of your home, make your outdoor space look more luxurious but won’t break your bank. The most common accessories to add and still say in the budget is to add a fire pit in your backyard. On the other hand, if you have somewhat a larger budget you can consider making a new patio or adding an outdoor kitchen. If you live in a place where it is mostly warm and sunny it is best to have a place where they can cook outside. If it fits in your budget adding a fireplace and a grill will greatly increase the value of your home.

Plant Plenty of Trees in Your Yard

Because we are more and more aware of the importance of taking care of nature it has become more wanted to have healthy well-nourished trees in your yard. Therefore, planting beautiful trees will increase the value of your home as well as making your yard a cozy place. Not only that but if you place them properly they can lower your overall yearly energy costs. The important thing that you need to do before you go all out is checking with the homeowner’s association to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions on what type of them you can plant. It is also good to know that it is much cheaper to buy young trees instead of planting pricy already mature trees

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

There is nothing easier than rising the value of your home by giving it a fresh layer of paint. By simply painting your fences and the outside of your home will do wonders for the outdoor space. And as we know there is nothing that will raise the value of your home than having a freshly painted home. If you are going to change the colour scheme of your home it is important that you choose a colour that will complement your accessories in a tasteful manner. You can also hire a professional company like Leading Edge Painting if you want to add fireproof coatings, graffiti coatings, and texture coatings in order to boost the value even more.

Install a Swimming Pool

If your budget allows you to go all out, installing a swimming pool in your yard will increase the value of your home like nothing else. If you live in a place that is warm most of the days having a swimming pool could make or break the deal. Make sure that you have all permits and that the pool is installed correctly and nicely in order for it to raise the value of your home, if you don’t it can drastically decrease it.

The most important thing is to avoid projects that you can’t afford. Even if you think that it will make your house sell for more, you could be wrong. Start by adding and finishing little things like updating the doors or building a patio. Before purchasing the things make sure that you check if you need permits and carefully create the plan before executing it.  It is in nobody’s interest to lose money while doing this.

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