5 Travel Inspired Ways to Beautify Your Space

Coming back from a holiday can be a time of very mixed emotions. On the one hand, you’re glad to be home. But on the other, you’ll miss the experiences and people that you met. What better way to pay homage to your time abroad than by using your house as a canvas and incorporating elements of your travel into your home. Check out these five travel-inspired ways of beautifying your space.   Wall Murals   Your living room is likely the most used area in your house. Make sure your guests can see how your travels have added to your growth as a person. A great way to do this is to incorporate a wall mural in your home. The mural does not need to be a huge, elaborate skyline mural, although this is a great idea if you have the means. Ensure the mural you choose suits your colour scheme and living room furniture.   A scratch map of the world is a great way to remember and showcase your travels. If a scratch map isn’t your style, find a stylish map that you can tack or mark places you’ve visited. Tacking these highlights can make a big impact when they start to fill up the map. There is a variety of ways you can choose to have a global map styled, so flexibility comes along with the design.   Travel Snapshots   Displaying your beautiful snaps from around the world is a great way to beautify your space. It’s a great way to pay homages your travels, with the added benefit of being able to display them everywhere from living spaces to your kitchen.   Framing your photos and either hanging or standing them is a cheap and easy way to display your snaps. From the typical tourist pictures to snaps of your more unusual adventures such as swimming with whales in Tonga or bungee jumping in New Zealand. You can select your favourite photos and print them for a matter of cents at most stores. From here, you can pick up frames from your desired retailer and then you’re ready to display.   Pinboards are a great idea for bedrooms or creative spaces. You don’t even need to buy frames to create an artsy pinboard with all your favourite snaps and destinations. If you prefer the paperless route, put your favourite photos on a USB stick and plug it into a digital photo frame displayed on a stylish coffee table or shelf.     Vintage Suitcases   These are a super versatile way to add a ‘going abroad’ vibe to your space. You can use these vintage suitcases to make shelves in your room for added storage. Pick a suitcase that works with the colour palette of your room, and you’re off!   These vintage suitcases also work as great standalone storage units. These add the same travel-oriented vibe to the room they’re in, but also work as storage for those big winter blankets, so they don’t clutter your wardrobe.   Postcards   Collecting and displaying postcards from the beautiful cities you’ve visited can be an easy way to beautify your space. These postcards are cheap compared to other methods. The best part is that you can grab postcards from all around the world without actually needing to travel yourself. This could be a way to get yourself excited about an upcoming trip, or even a future travel destination goal.   Time-Zone Clocks   Clocks are a home-making item that can lend emphasis and beautify your space when the right clock is selected. You could get an individual clock, which stylishly illustrates several different time zones on one face. Or, if you have a large blank wall, you could get several clocks of the same style and display the time zones of the countries that are the most important to you. Getting several labelled clocks is more personalised and can be great for keeping track of loved ones abroad.   There are plenty of cheap, effective ways to beautify your home space. Using either your past travel destinations or future goals, you can lend so much emphasis and personality to a space!     Author’s bio: Maia Fletcher is living her dream as a freelance writer from the charming city of Gisborne, New Zealand. She has written for various sites and blogs – and especially enjoys producing articles for local sites such as Tairawhiti Gisborne.   Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/eyfMgGvo9PA https://www.pexels.com/photo/lit-hanging-photo-frames-698922/ https://unsplash.com/photos/BDt7i4xr9TA https://unsplash.com/photos/dtSCKE9-8cI

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