5 Unbelievable Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is more than a space for cooking. It has now become a social venue where you can enjoy meals and share fun times. Utilizing your kitchen space well through space planning will go a long way in enriching your culinary experience. A good kitchen design will incorporate both functionality and aesthetics to bring out your personality and personal taste.

Upgrading your kitchen design has many advantages, including raising the value of your home. If you want to sell a house quickly, a good kitchen design will go a long way in fetching a reasonable price. There are new trends that you can use, or you can blend in old designs with new ones to achieve a unique design. Here are five unbelievable kitchen designs you can use.

1. Go Green

2021 is all about the color green. You can use the different shades of green and watch your kitchen come to life. Forest green will give you a more traditional feel, while sage green offers a lighter touch to a classical kitchen. Green will help you connect with nature and bring a feeling of calmness inside your kitchen.

Green can be applied differently depending on what you are going for. If you have limited floor space in your kitchen, you can use green for your base units for a feeling of greater space. You can take it a notch higher and add house plants in your kitchen to brighten up your space.

2. Focus on Seating

Spending more time in your home means you will need more comfortable and versatile seating in the kitchen. There are various designs that you can use, including bespoke tables with benches and chairs, low wicker stools, banquette seating, or island seating. For a more luxurious feel, you can add velvet eating to an island design or match your living room seats’ fabric with the kitchen seats.

3. Dark Surface

Dark surfaces are trending, and more people are applying them in the kitchen. Although white has predominately been used for kitchen surfaces, the focus is now shifting to dark surfaces with shades such as black and dark grey. Dark surfaces can bring out a luxurious and dramatic feel when used on floors, worktops, and backsplashes.

Enhance elegance in your kitchen with dark shades of navy or emerald green on your cabinets. You can also contrast dark surfaces with lighter colored cabinetry so that you do not overpower your kitchen. Dark surfaces will make your kitchen feel timeless and bold, adding depth to your kitchen.

4. Walk-in Pantry/Larder cupboard

The pantry is essential in your kitchen. It should offer both functionality and an aesthetic feeling. Walk-in pantries are gaining popularity, and they can be behind doors, or they can be exposed. They come in different guises such as wallpapered walls, in-built lighting, and drawers. With additional spaces, you can store kitchen appliances to make the kitchen look more organized.

5. Smart Kitchens

The modern kitchen has gone through a remarkable evolution, thanks to technology. Today, numerous appliances integrate technology into every function. From the faucets to Wi-Fi-enabled fridges that you can control with your phone, the applications are endless. These appliances ease functionalities in the kitchen and help to keep food fresh to boost our health. Others like detectors enhance safety in the kitchen.

Whether you are renovating or constructing a new home, these ideas will be a valuable addition to your kitchen. You can combine aesthetics and functionality for the ultimate kitchen experience. They can also help you utilize your floor space and storage areas.

Roshan Shah is the founder of Home Offer Solutions, a home buyer based in San Antonio, Texas. He is a father by day and entrepreneur by night. His company believes that there is a solution out there for any type of real estate situation.