5 Ways to Improve Your Yard Before Selling Your Home

Preparing your home to be on the real estate market should prompt homeowners to take a good look at their property as a whole. This inspection should include your yard areas, which can enhance your home’s desirability, or be a negative factor in a buyer’s assessment. Here are 5 ways to improve your year to improve your chances of a fast and advantageous sale.

Prune and Trim Existing Landscape Plants

Many homeowners neglect to give their existing trees and shrubs a good pruning, which can leave these plants with broken, misshapen limbs and an untidy look. Take a walk around your property and take note of trees and shrubbery that need a bit of attention. If you are not able to do this work yourself, call a local landscaping contractor to do the trimming.

Add Attractive New Plants

Old landscaping can give a property a dated look. You can refresh the appearance of your yard by adding a few curved flowerbeds, an ornamental tree at the front entry or a flowering shrub in the backyard. These additions don’t have to involve a great deal of expense, and the result can make a significant difference.

Get Your Lawn in Shape

A full and healthy lawn makes a property look attractive and well maintained. Take a close look at your lawn turf. Look for bare areas, weed overgrowth and other problems. A little attention can help to restore your lawn and help your property to be more desirable to potential buyers.

Create an Entertainment Area

Outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas are very popular and allow homeowners to have more living space. A deck or patio will give your yard a more formal look with usable space. A wide range of materials is available. A patio with natural stone tiles provides an attractive and comfortable area for gathering in the evening for conversation and good times with friends and neighbors.

Add a Fence for Privacy and Security

Fencing your property can be a desirable feature for many homebuyers who have children and pets or who enjoy their privacy when entertaining. You can find fencing in a wide range of materials and at many price points. Some homeowners opt for a “living fence” of hedges, which adds a natural, wooded feel to the property.

The best way to improve the odds of selling your home is to begin thinking like a buyer. An attractive yard can help prospective buyers see your property in a favorable light that promises to enrich their lifestyle. These improvements will go a long way toward giving buyers what they want.

Article submitted by Ani O.
Freelance writer and web enthusiast