5 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure Without Losing Its Style

When it comes to home security, most of us want our home to be as safe as a fortress, but without looking like one. The balance between appearance and performance is a difficult one to strike. Here are five tips for getting increased safety without turning your house into Fort Knox.

Learn About Deterrents

One simply way to make your home safer is to make it look less appealing to intruders by making it look more appealing to you. Well-lit exterior areas, bulky thorny bushes below windows, and loud gravel mulch can all add beauty to your exterior while making the home more difficult for criminals to enter. As would-be thieves examine your home, these deterrents will quickly become obvious, and they’ll look elsewhere for a softer target.

Use Invisible Techniques

The watchful eyes of alert neighbors can be a fantastic tool to help you improve your home security. Network with those who live around you. Compare work schedules so that everyone knows when they need to be extra vigilant. Create groups on social media to communicate about safety issues–who’s going on vacation, who is expecting a delivery or contractor. Build a system that helps everyone.

Utilize Modern Security Systems

The old systems of bulky keyboards and clunky motion detectors are gone. Today’s home alarms are much more subtle, managed by smartphone and utilizing more discreet components in the house. If you have an old system, think about upgrading to one that can improve on the old unit’s performance without adding unsightly equipment.

Frustrate the Casing Process

Burglars typically attempt to “case out” a home before actually breaking in. They peer through windows and doors, hoping to catch sight of target valuables. Keep blinds drawn during the day, and place valuables out of view whenever you can. The less they can locate before they go in, the longer a break-in will be expected to take, and they’ll call it off.

Use What’s Already There

It is so easy to get complacent with security, rendering many of your best security features useless. If you have deadbolts, use them. If you’re not locking your windows, start doing it. Arm your alarm. Replace blown outdoor bulbs. Pay attention to the simple but proven steps that everyone can take with minimal expense and effort. We want our homes to feel safe for our belongings and our families, but we also don’t want to feel like we live in a dungeon. These steps can help you get that security without losing your home’s beauty and style. Image Credit: Photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash   Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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