2019 Interior Design Trends

“Home is where the heart is” – Anonymous

    One of my most profound memories of childhood is that of my mother taking immense pains to make a four-walled house into a home. I guess watching her put every corner in place and making the home truly homey and cozy is something that has shaped the way I love to do up my own home today. I guess home is the first place where you wake up and it is the place you come back to at the end of a tiring day at work. Probably one of the many reasons why so many efforts are put in to make it more comfortable and tasteful at the same time.   It was much later that I realized that setting up homes tastefully was a profession in itself. Termed as the interior decorators, there are people who are actually paid large amounts of money to help other people design and decorate their own dream homes. I wonder now out of curiosity how much my mother would have made had she charged us for all the times she did up our lovely rooms?   Having said that, just like there are new trends that people follow when it comes to fashion and clothes or for that matter even the food that they eat, believe it or not, there are trends that change and evolve when it comes to designing houses as well. Now, that doesn’t mean that all of us need to spend tones of money is hiring an expert, but can actually do this on our own and make our homes a little prettier and beautiful. For all, you millennials out there looking to make their homes tasteful and unique here are a few 2019 trends that will help you make your abode more heavenly and unique.     OLD IS GOLD AND IT’S BACK: for all vintage lovers here is some good news. If you were fond of decorating your house with vintage style paintings and handmade stuff then that is definitely back in style. Most of the new age interior decorators and designing experts say that the old fashioned and classic ways of decorating are indeed back in style. Probably now is the right time to go ask your parents and grandparents for timeless classic ways of doing up your homes.   A’la MOROCCAN MODE: walk into some of the new-age homes and you will be surprised to see a hint of bold textures and white walls thrown in with a mix of quintessential bold strips that run all across the walls. Though you might feel that this is a new trend that has found its way in, it in fact is quite old and is being practised for quite some time now.  Throw in a few pastel hues and you have a combination that will take your home to the next level of designing WOW!     THE CONSORTIUM OF CONCRETE: I remember collecting tazzos from packets of Cheetos and Lays, and then I came across what is known as colored terrazzos. Have you ever walked into a place and seen these lavish marble-like structures that are a dirty sage color and are mixed with a lot of concrete and look absolutely unique and a statement giving types? Well, they are known as the colored terrazzos and are the style-setters for the year 2019.   PLAYFUL PASTELS: Pantone has gone on and declared “living coral” as the color of the year, and that has got the pastels back in popularity. This year continues to be the time of the pastel colour living coral since it can be seen in everything starting from furniture to wall paints. It’s time to go all playful with the pastels all the way! MATT BLACK THE NEW IN: Suddenly almost all decor and furniture is this beautiful and swanky color of matt black. When you talk about being bold and at the same time impressionable and matt black does with absolute panache and style, which is why this happens to be a big trend that emerged in 2018 and continues to grow more in 2019 as well. Cause we all know once you go matt black you can never really go back!   CONTEMPORARY SUSTAINABLE  FABRICS: along with the homes getting designed the eco-friendly way one of the fabrics to be in demand are the sustainable fabrics that are more natural and give the home a more peaceful and calm vibe. Just like sustainable energy, 2019 is making headway for sustainable fabrics that will wow you out!   THE MINIMALISTIC MILLENIALS: less is more and less is more powerful. This happens to be a fad that almost all homes follow. Its time to say goodbye to cluttered and jampacked rooms with furniture overflowing from every corner, and say hello to clean and well-planned structures. More and more people now days believe in having more space around them so that they can breathe and enjoy the openness that they seek. THE HYGGE HYPE: literally pronounced as hoo-ga, the hygge hype comes from the old traditional lines of the Scandinavian and European people who always made for themselves certain corners that were meant to de-stress them. It actually translates to well-being. Since Scandinavian countries are warm they made it a point to use a lot of fabric and warm lighting in the form of candles that gave a warm welcome to people back home. This is the same concept that has caught on like wildfire in 2019.   A home is literally where the heart is and for most people, their homes become a prized possession that they want to do up nicely and aesthetically. One doesn’t need to have a bank balance to do up their house and sometimes all they need to do is take up some small but impactful Do It Yourself projects and get the results worthy of being called designer – type.   Author Bio: Kristy is a content marketing professional at GoAssignmentHelp, a company which works to provide Assignment Writing Service and Essay Help. She is a champion of writing articles on, how could develop your business. Her articles concentrate on instructive substance in regard to the development of business by giving an engaging read.

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