6 Home Security Tips to Follow in 2019

The home security industry is expected to grow almost three times in size by the year 2022 according to IDC. As technology is advancing at a rapid level, people are also looking for and installing systems that are intelligent in their homes. Therefore, if you are looking for a home security system that is easy to install and use, you are not alone. Home security is much more than an alarm system. Alarms systems are crucial in every home and they cannot be replaced however, you cannot depend on them alone. You also need to think about other factors that can compromise security such as a fire. According to best essay writing service review, the home security system cannot cover your house 100% but it will prevent 95% of theft and other malicious activities around your home. Adding security is crucial and in most instances, it’s not very expensive. Today we are going to discuss the most important security tips you should follow in 2019.  

1.      Find out your expectations about security

Of all property crimes reported this year, theft and burglary accounted for eighteen percent. In recent months, the number of crimes around homes has decreased as compared to the beginning of last year. Home security has definitely helped in the decrease in theft cases. A study conducted by custom writing services noted that burglars were less likely to follow their plan if they realized that a home is protected by security systems. Some of the respondents reported that the presence of an alarm system made them seek alternative ways to get into the home. What does this tell us? Majority of burglars look for shortcuts to avoid being seen on camera or sounding the alarm. Therefore, it would be best to place these devices in visible areas to scare them off. Again, intruders will always find a way to get into a home. The advantage of home security is that it protects your home without any confrontation. As you know, confrontations are likely to lead to the destruction of property and injury. If an intruder notices that a home is well-protected, he or she will leave. It’s important to visualize how an intruder can get into your house to find out which equipment you’ll use to secure your home.  

2.      Guard your entryways

As we said earlier, placing your security systems in visible places will prevent intruders from getting into your house. For instance, placing security cameras at the doors and the backyard is an effective way of scaring off intruders because they know that cameras provide footage that can be used as evidence. Your driveway should be covered by at least two cameras for visual aid and preventing malicious activities.  

3.      Do away with hideouts

Dark rooms and shrubs are ideal places for intruders to hide or do their surveillances. You should install a floodlight and camera in such areas to scare malicious people away. Window sensors are also important. They should be placed in high areas where intruders cannot reach and tamper with.  

4.      Put your valuables in a safe place

You should keep your valuables away from windows, doors or any other openings. Keep your valuables in places that cannot be easily seen from outside. Also, rearrange your house in a way that is less inviting. Leaving the curtains closed before heading out is a simple and effective preventive measure. Burglars are normally attracted by places that hold valuables such as the master bedroom. Most burglars do not like spending a lot of time in an unfamiliar environment. They’ll go straight for the valuables and leave. One of the best things you can do is installing a security camera in your master bedroom.  

5.      Secure your home all day

Burglars are getting smarter by the day. Most of them avoid invading homes at night. A study conducted by easy essay revealed that home theft during the day was twice as much during the night. As we said earlier, burglars hate confrontations so if they notice you are around, they’ll leave and come at another convenient time. Arm your alarm before leaving your home and have everything locked.  

6.      Automate your systems

It’s important to have your home automated by installing devices and systems that you can easily communicate with for example smart bulbs and locks. These devices will learn your patterns and automatically turn themselves on or off. Others allow you to lock or unlock your doors using your smartphone regardless of the distance. You should also check the integration ability of a product before or after installing. Most automated devices use technologies that allow communication between devices while using a little amount of power. If you don’t know how to use automated security devices, you can always consult a technician, ProEssayWriting.com, Google or Siri. Most voice assistants can easily communicate with automated security devices.  


Knowing which security devices to install and use will relieve your stress and worries. If you own very expensive items, you cannot afford to rely on door locks and alarms only. You should invest in cameras and lights that will prevent intruders from getting in or conducting surveillance on your property. Reinforcing your home will pay off in spades. Also, don’t forget to ensure your property.     Lauren Adley has been working as a writer at a publishing agency in Boston, USA for 3 years.  She is an expert in such topics as education, motivation, blogging, and social media. Meet her on Twitter.

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