7 Beautiful And Simple Ideas For Eco-Friendly Interior Decor

Ecological style in the interior has always attracted designers. But today it is a powerful trend. The meaning of ecological culture is so deep that it can be understood not so much by reason as by intuition. Today the eco-style is one of the most popular. It is in the ecological environment where a person can truly relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dried fruits and vegetables, branches, tree cuts, and things that meet the philosophy of reasonable consumption – we select eco-friendly decor for your home.



  1. Dried fruits and vegetables

You can decorate the interior with dried fruits and vegetables. Such decor simply fits into the Scandinavian and eco-style, but in order to complement them with classics or minimalism, you will have to pay attention to the presentation. For example, vegetables can be stacked in an elegant golden bowl, and you get a traditional classic still-life painting. Or paint them white to make them an interesting addition to minimalist light space.

Vegetables and fruits must be dried properly so that they do not begin to rot over time. Sliced citrus fruits are easiest to dry. To keep their bright color, use an electric dryer. And if you want decor in a darker and muted color – put the slices in the oven at 100 °C.



  1. Tree cuts

You can make a beautiful tray, a small coffee table, or a shelf from a sawn piece of tree. Any type of wood is suitable for ordinary decor, and hard wood for cutting boards in the kitchen.

You can find a saw cut at any sawmill or by walking in the parks in the spring – there they often cut off old branches and cut down trunks at this time. Once a suitable piece has been selected, it must be dried. If you want artistic cracks to appear on the tree, look for cuts less than 5 cm thick. File down the surface so it doesn’t leave splinters.



  1. Pinecones

Another way to ecologically decorate the interior is to collect simple pinecones. Wash them, dry them, and paint the part with white paint. It is not necessary to achieve perfect shading, let it be sloppy. Put the pinecones into a nice bowl and add to them walnuts or cinnamon sticks.



  1. Dry branch

An ordinary branch from the park will be a stylish accent in any interior style. You can attach it to the wall, using a glue gun, or hang it with a transparent fishing line to the cornice. Complement the branch with small details, relying on the style of the interior. For example, if it has a marine theme, you can hang a few seashells.



  1. Spicy dried flowers

Dried flower mixes can be found in the store or you can pick them yourself. Designers at EssayMap.org share some ideas with mixtures to add into a clear glass vase.

  • Coffee beans, cinnamon, dried orange peel.
  • Rose petals, dried jasmine flowers, coarse sea salt.
  • Dried rosemary, mint, and thyme.

It is not necessary to use only spicy elements in this composition. For beauty, you can add pebbles, glass beads, small twigs, pinecones.

  1. Findings from flea markets and the attic

By buying items at flea markets and giving them a second life in your home, you are not only complementing your interior with original, one-of-a-kind decor but also contributing to smart consumption. You don’t have to look for familiar decors like paintings or figurines. An old rotary telephone, a turntable, or a metal umbrella stand will look interesting in a modern interior. In the same way, you can give a second life to items that are stored in your attic.



  1. Wreath

The wreath is a popular eco-accessory for the interior, but very few people make it, since it is a time-consuming process, and the appearance of the wreath can quickly get bored. Try creating a universal base to which you can simply add new dried flowers and branches from time to time. You can use a ready-made hoop from the store. Or make it out of several layers of kraft paper wrapped with tape, and decorate with hay.


Angela Johnson is a leadership consultant. She is also a skilled blogger and content writer who writes content on topics like home interior, education, and self-growth.