7 Design Tips to Make Your House Feel More Home-y

7 Design Tips to Make Your House Feel More Home-y

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are spending more time at home than ever before. For many, the concept of staying home so much sounded cozy and maybe even comforting, but after spending weeks on end in the same space, you may be looking for some ways to reinvigorate your home.

In this post, we’re dishing up seven design tips that will not only breathe some life into your space, but also make it feel more home-y than ever.

1. Incorporate some artful additions

Ever wonder why certain homes just feel so much “home-y-er” than others? One of the biggest differentiators between these personalized palaces and standardized spaces is the fact that they have personality galore. From paint color to plants and pictures, those homes that exhibit the warmth and welcoming feeling you strive for really do personalization right. The good news is infusing personality into your space is relatively simple and cost-effective, especially when you compare it to a dream home remodel.

Not sure where to start? Check out these tips for adding art and personality into your home:

  • Craft a DIY gallery wall to showcase some of your favorite art pieces and photos all in one place.
  • Paint a mural (or commission a creative friend) on a blank wall that could use some sparkle.
  • Invest in a few locally-made art pieces — bonus points if they show off your hometown!
  • Customize select pieces around the house to make a chic and custom statement.

2. Create a sleep sanctuary

Your bedroom is one of the most important, if not the most important rooms in the house. It’s your space to unwind, chill out, and of course, get plenty of sleep to prepare yourself for the next day of activities and to-do’s. With that said, one of the best places to start with Operation Cozy is right in your very own bedroom.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make your sleeping sanctuary feel home-y, just take a look at these simple guidelines:

  • Be choosy about bedding — think about it, you’re sleeping in your bed for close to 365 nights in a year, getting nice bedding is a worthy investment!
  • Create the ultimate chill zone with candles, essential oils, plenty of good reads, and a white noise machine.
  • Make sure your room is the optimal temperature for a good night’s sleep, experts say between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

3. Go for moody lighting

Everyone loves good lighting. Not only does it bring a glow to your guests’ face, but it also sets a relaxed and cozy vibe that’s apparent in all of the homiest of homes. What’s more, getting good lighting is a whole lot easier than you might have initially expected. Take a look at these hacks to adjust your lighting style:

  • When picking out shades for table and floor lamps, opt for darker or neutral tones to achieve a warm, natural light.
  • To create backyard whimsy, hang up some cute string lights and set out citronella candles.
  • Say goodbye to harsh lighting once and for all and go for soft white light bulbs rather than bright white, you’ll be surprised what a difference this subtle change makes!
  • Install dimmers to adjust lighting based on your home’s natural light and your current mood.

4. Infuse coziness throughout

If you’re looking to add a bit of the cozy-factor into your home, one of the easiest ways to go about it is by incorporating more texture and warm color throughout. Warmer tones such as browns, tans, reds, and oranges evoke a naturally welcoming feeling that you just can’t help but cuddle up to. Add in some throw blankets, pillows, and a rug, and you’ve got both texture and color covered.

5. Opt for unique pieces 

Picking out the right furniture for your home is a careful balance of personal style, budget, and functionality. Unfortunately, the big box stores of the world make it all too easy to select mass-produced pieces that as stylish as they may be, don’t bring much pizazz or personality to the table. As you shop for furniture to fill your home, try to prioritize, or at the very least accessorize with unique pieces. Not only will they add flare to your space, but they also make for the perfect conversation starter when you have guests over.

6. Get organized

There’s a reason Marie Kondo’s method has taken the design world by storm! When your home is feeling cluttered, your mood will too. Before you even begin redesigning or adding to your collectible and interior design collections, do a little decluttering beforehand. This will help you prioritize what it is that you love about your space and also identify those things that you can live without.

You can start by creating three piles: one to keep, one to donate, and one maybe pile. Set the maybe pile aside for a few weeks and if you come back searching for an item, reevaluate whether you should keep or donate the item.

Smart Home technology for your household is always an option too. It keeps things feel modernized and always adds a unique aspect to your home – if you are into the tech-y stuff, of course. 

7. Add some greenery

Studies have shown that bringing a little bit of the outdoors in can vastly improve your mood, stress levels, and even your productivity. Plus, houseplants are having a bit of a moment in the interior design world right now. If you’re not confident with your green thumb, take a look at these low-maintenance options:

  • Air plants (Tillandsia) 
  • Succulents
  • Snake plant
  • Fiddle leaf fig
  • ZZ plant
  • Spider plant
  • Peace lily
  • Ponytail palm
  • Jade plant

Wrapping up

No matter how much time you spend there, there’s nothing quite as special as returning to a cozy home. Warm lighting, soft tones, your personal trinkets, and most importantly, your memories are what really make your house a home. Use these seven tips to help you make your space a little bit cozier, inviting, and comfortable in 2020.

Which of these tips are you going to try first? Let us know in the comment section below.

Samantha Rupp

Samantha Rupp holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is the managing editor for 365businesstips.com. She lives in San Diego, California and enjoys spending time on the beach, reading up on current industry trends, and traveling.