7 Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Classy Look

The kitchen is one of the focal points of the modern home. It is the place where you whip up the tastiest treats and gather with friends munching on hor’s d ‘oeuvres and sipping wine.

With the kitchen being such an important place in the house, it naturally needs a bit of extra attention in terms of giving it a look that matches your personality and serves the functionality that you need.

However, kitchen modeling or renovating ideas usually go on the back-burner because of the general misconception that it needs a considerable budget. The truth is, you can easily give your kitchen a stylish look without breaking the bank.

Here’s bringing you the seven easy to give your kitchen an elegant and upscale look.


1.  Choose the Right Color Scheme

The first thing you need to do is decide on a color scheme that makes your kitchen look elegant. The great idea is to go for an off-white and white color scheme. These are the most popular and widely used colors to get an expensive look for a kitchen.

Make sure that the interiors of your home also match up to the colors you use for the kitchen. In any case, neutral shades like beige, sand, and ivory work, if you are not keen on having a white kitchen.

2.  Decorate Your Kitchen to Upscale It

You will have to embrace the power of decoration if you want to upscale your kitchen. Bid goodbye to those old appliances and say hello to shiny, new stainless steels and glassware. Simple changes in decorating the kitchen can go a long way in making it look better than ever before.

Let delicate tea sets adorn the glass cupboards in the kitchen instead of the regular coffee mugs and cups. Go for Tupperware in place of the old appliances. You can also add a bit of personal touch by putting in cookbooks, photos, and wall hangings.


3.  Reinvent the Old Cabinets with New Ones

Getting custom cabinets in place of the old ones is a good way to uplift your kitchen look. If you are not planning to get new cabinets anytime soon, then you should at least change the hardware.

Replace all the handles, hinges, and door pulls with fancy pieces in rich hues. Just ensure that you choose the right pieces to go with the cabinets, as the conventional caulk or spackle tends to shrink to a certain degree. Hire a contractor for fitting the new hardware, if you’re unable to manage it.

4.  Start Updating the Light Fixtures

If you are not willing to change your kitchen’s architectural features, opt for updating the light fixtures. There is a wide variety of choices for you to look into, and it’s easy to get confused.

The easiest thing is to select a globe fixture that has polished brass and nickel details. It’s simple but chic. You should also invest in dimmable lighting. It will instantly make your kitchen look better when you can dim the lights while entertaining your guests in that space.


5.  Pay Attention to the Countertops

Selecting the right countertop for your kitchen goes a long way in updating its look. However, the choice of countertops depends on the costs and future maintenance. Some of the options you can look into are granite, marble, and engineered quartz.

If granite or marble seems out of your budget at the moment, you can even paint the countertops. Yes, you heard that right! The high-quality paints can change the look of your old and dingy countertop completely. You can go for a single color or opt for a textured stone look.

6.  Paint Your Cabinets

The old cabinets tend to age your space and make it look outdated. It’s time to reinvent those cabinets for a fresh new style.

Give the tired old cabinets a nice coat of paint to make them shine as new. Make sure the color you choose goes with the neutral color theme you have chosen for the rest of the kitchen.

The other option you have is to replace the front of the cabinets and install glass for a modern, open look. The fine porcelain sets and borosilicate kitchenware visible through the glass looks pretty.


7.  Update the Flooring in the Kitchen

Finally, you will need to work on the floors if you want to do a thorough job of giving a classy look to your kitchen. Wood, or at least materials that look like wood, are in great demand in modern households.

A laminate would cost half of the hardwood, but it will look just as amazing. You also have other innovative options, such as cork and bamboo. Make sure that you choose a durable and long-lasting material because the kitchen floors have to bear stains, water, spills, and what-not.


A classy kitchen does not have to be expensive all the time. Now you have enough ideas to make your kitchen look beautiful within a budget. Go ahead and give your spin to our ideas and build a kitchen that speaks of your exquisite tastes.

What are you waiting for? Bring out the writing pad and paper and start chalking out ideas. Your kitchen is about to get a brand new look soon.

Article submitted by Emma Willson (Content Marketing Executive)