7 Hottest Home Decor And Interior Design Trends For 2019

Decorating your home is a very exciting and rewarding activity. It’s far from easy, however, so people tend to follow the latest decorating and furnishing trends set by famous designers. And there is no escaping the trends. It doesn’t matter whether you adhere to them enthusiastically or feel like you’re unaffected by them, wider trends deeply influence how we think about designing our homes. So, if you too are planning to redesign your home’s interior this year, here are a few trends you need to look into.

Be bold with colors

Although neutral colors are usually the safest option and they’re easy to combine with any kind of furniture or accessories you may want to bring into your home, this year you should be a bit braver. A coat of paint in a vibrant color on just one of your walls will give your entire room a whole new energy and a fresh and up-to-date look. Whether you opt for hues of dark green, deep red or soothing blue, a splash of color will do wonders for your interior décor. In case you don’t want to paint your walls, you can bring in some color with an accent piece of furniture or something as simple as wall art or big cushions.

Embrace patterns

Although it wasn’t really expected, this year is all about floral and geometric patterns. And not just that. They have to be big, too. So, oversized flowers, various geometric shapes and even birds are a welcome sight either on your wallpapers, or on any other fabric. This means that curtains, drapes, bedspreads, cushions and throws in colorful prints can become focal points of any of your rooms to make your living space more cheerful and appealing for the people considering making your home their own in the near future.

Take a look upwards

Instead of accentuating one of your walls, why not try and do it with your ceiling? Not many people pay attention to their ceilings, and usually just place all of their focus on the walls. However, if you enhance the appearance of your ceiling by painting it in an accent paint color, if you put some modern wallpapers on it or even use decorative beams to make it more attractive, you’ll manage to draw the eye of any potential customer upwards, leaving them enchanted. This way you can make the whole room seem bigger, more interesting and definitely more memorable.

Choose good furniture

The most important rooms to decorate are the living room, the kitchen and the master bedroom, since those are the ones we spend the majority of our time in. So, when it comes to choosing furniture for your living room, make sure you do your best. Invest in a premium King Living sofa, preferably a modular one, so that it can be rearranged any way it suits you. Furthermore, since curvy furniture is making a comeback, consider getting a round sofa-like armchair with some cushions for additional appeal. Also, make sure you don’t get too much furniture to avoid giving the place a cluttered look.

Add some drama to the kitchen

Gone are the days of neutral kitchens, all white or cream. Now’s the time to introduce some darker, bolder and definitely more dramatic designs when renovating your kitchen. From dark blue and gray to matte black cabinets in combination with industrial countertops and forget-iron shelves, kitchens are all about mixing and matching this year. And if you also use different metals for your faucets, lighting fixtures and cabinet handles and hinges, you’ll bring the mixing game to a whole new level and make a good impression on anybody who decides to give your home a chance.

Make a statement with your bedroom

There are several trends to follow in 2019 when bedrooms are concerned. One of them are canopy beds, which can be modern or vintage, but will make the place instantly more romantic in either case. Another way to awe any visitors is by combining mismatched furniture and different interior décor styles into a bedroom with a personality. If you want to play it safe, go for a chic and luxury hotel-style look, with modern furnishings and calming colors. Layers are also welcome, whether as rugs on your floor, curtains on your window or sheets, blankets and pillows in different sizes on your bed.

Light it up

First of all, let your windows do their magic by completely opening any blinds, drapes or curtains on them to allow natural light to enter your home. The brighter your home is, the more cheerful and inviting it will be. Second, when it comes to light fixtures, one trend you can turn to are oversized fixtures, ones which will define the whole room and be the first thing people notice when they walk in. Another trend are vintage lamps, accent lights and even lanterns on your walls, to give your home a touch of industrial style, which is big this year. Also, this way you can create any mood you want by simply turning the lights on or off, or even dimming them. When it comes to decorating your home, don’t leave anything to chance. Do your best to keep up with the latest trends and you’ll make it extremely difficult for anybody to miss out on the opportunity to buy your home.   About the author: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and contributor to numerous interior design, lifestyle, real estate and green living blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.

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