9 Simple Ways to Redo Your Bedroom

Having a relaxing bedroom is key to ensuring you can get a quality night’s rest. Of course, your bedroom is more than just a room where you sleep; it can drastically improve your mood and give you a safe space to spend your time away from the rest of your family. Everyone has a bedroom, but not everyone loves their space. Luckily, with a few simple home improvement projects, you can improve any space, including your bedroom. 

Your bedroom should be a reflection of your unique personality to help you stay happy and calm when you get home from a long day of work. Luckily, making your bedroom perfect is easier than you think. Here are a few simple ways to improve your bedroom to turn it into your favorite room in the house.

  1. Order Custom Prints

Since your room is a reflection of who you are, consider adding your own custom artwork. For example, you can order custom canvas prints online and put them around your bedroom to highlight your favorite photographs. Any high-quality photo can be printed online, including family photos, photos of your beds, and even your own custom artwork. 

  1. Use Throw Pillows

While you might not sleep on throw pillows, they can make your bed look more comfortable and inviting. They also give you a great opportunity to add color to any room, no matter what color your walls are or if your landlord allows you to paint. Throw pillows give your room a more finished look and can make your bed look more inviting, even though you should take them off to sleep to prevent ruining their shape.

  1. Paint

You might have to check your lease before painting your bedroom if you’re a renter. However, if you own your home, consider painting your bedroom neutral colors like beige or gray instead of bright white or other colors like yellow, which can make you feel more energized or even stressed. Since colors can impact your mood and how you feel, it’s best to keep your color scheme neutral, allowing you to decorate the rest of your room with any colors you choose. 

Of course, you can always paint your room a unique color, but you may limit yourself to the types of colors you can use in your room because they may not match the walls. 

If you don’t want to paint your room, you can also invest in peel-and-stick wallpaper, which allows you to put a design on your wall without worrying about messy paint. This type of wallpaper is also landlord friendly because it peels off when you’re done with it, allowing you to easily change your wall designs whenever you want a change of scenery. 

  1. Update Lighting

Having the right lighting in your room can help you feel more relaxed. While bright lights might be great for the daytime when you’re reading or trying to plan your wardrobe. However, when you’re getting ready for sleep or reading in bed, you might want something that’s more gentle on the eyes. Instead of using your ceiling fixture for light, consider getting a side table lamp and a floor lamp for different activities. 

  1. Add Plants

Depending on the size of your bedroom and how much natural light you get, you may be limited in the types of plants you can have. If you’re limited in your options or you don’t have a green thumb, you can try getting bamboo or a cactus for your bedside table, dresser, or window sill to add a pop of color and life to your bedroom. 

  1. Buy New Bedding

Your bedding is an important part of your bedroom because it directly impacts your comfort and the style of your bedroom. Of course, you can choose a white comforter as long as it’s a comforter, but there are many styles and designs available for you to choose from that match your design aesthetic and needs for comfort. 

No matter what colors you choose, always ensure your bedding is comfortable. Depending on the season, you may want to change your bedding to be warmer or cooler, giving you the opportunity to change the entire appearance of your bedroom without too much effort. 

  1. Get a Rug

When it comes to decorating, you might think there’s nothing you can do about your flooring. Unfortunately, many people don’t have beautiful hardwood floors and are instead stuck with carpet. Whether you have ugly carpet or old hardwood, you can use a rug to bring more vibrancy to the room and keep your toes warm when you get out of bed in the morning. 

  1. Let the Light In

Natural light can make any room feel bigger and more inviting. So instead of keeping your blinds closed during the day, consider getting shades that can let some natural light in even when they’re closed. Of course, you can also invest in blackout shades for days you want to keep the sun completely out. However, if you want to feel more alert during the day while spending time in your bedroom, it’s best to let natural light shine in, which can boost your mood and keep you motivated no matter what you’re doing. 

  1. Deep Clean

Deep cleaning your room can help you take stock of what you have while ensuring you’re removing any clutter or dirt that can prevent you from experiencing your bedroom to the fullest. You can choose to deep clean before making any changes to give you enough time to write down all of the items you have in your room to start considering what you want to keep and what can be put into storage to help you save space. 

You can also choose to deep clean once you’re done redoing your bedroom just in case you made a mess in the process. Remember to wash your comforter and sheets as it is the perfect finishing touch to your now thoroughly cleaned room. Deep cleaning will remove any dirt and clutter that prevents you from maximizing the space in your bedroom. 

Plan Your Budget 

Before you begin redoing your room, plan your budget. Depending on how you redo your room, you may need to buy a few things or pay movers to remove old furniture, including dressers and mattresses. Planning your budget ahead of time can help you find the right products and prioritize different aspects of your bedroom redesign

Julia Olivas

Julia Olivas graduated from San Francisco State University with her B.A. in Communication Studies. She is a freelance writer where she loves sharing her passion for digital marketing and content creation. Outside of writing, she loves cooking, reading, painting, and her pup Ruby