A Complete Guide to Writing Property Listings That Generate Sales

Whether you’re selling your house because you’re ready to upgrade, or you sell properties for a living, the description you craft for your next sale is one of the most important things you’ll need to be thinking about. After all, this is the first thing the majority of your potential buyers are going to see, and it’s almost like a resume for your property. If you can’t grab their attention here, they’re going to move onto something else. Today, we’re going to explore everything you need to know in order to write a property description that generates sales, giving you all the information necessary to grab the attention of your potential buyers. Consider SEO Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of your description, it’s important to remember that SEO plays a huge role in property descriptions, and you should be thinking about it from the moment you start. If you don’t, how’s anybody going to find your listing? “Consider the key selling points of your property and research the related keywords surrounding these elements. Insert them into your content to allow your listing to be easily discovered by home shoppers,” shares Mark Harris, a content marketer for Boomessays. Create an Engaging Headline Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. When you’re scrolling through a property listing website, you’ll see the titles of each property listing and are sure to choose the one that stands out to you. This is why it’s important to spend time on writing a powerful headline that not only provides the reader with information on the property but also stands out and grabs their attention. Be Original Head over to any property listing website, and you’ll see a ton of descriptions that all follow the same format and come across as being quite generic. This means a lot of properties all look the same, and none of them really stand out from each other. Instead, break the mold by writing your description in the way you want to write it, and don’t be afraid to experiment with what works for you and helps you to get the maximum number of eyeballs. Include Everything While you can write your description anyway you want, it’s always good to use a basic structure to help your reader’s see all the information clearly, and to help make sure that you don’t miss anything out while you’re writing it. A basic structure looks something like this;
  • Engaging property headline
  • An opening summary/description
  • A detailed list of features
  • Any promotional information
  • Call to action and contact details
Follow this layout, and you’ll have included everything a reader will be looking for, and you won’t miss anything out that people would want to ask about. Be Visual Many property descriptions miss their opportunity to be visual with their content, and this drives a lot of people away because it doesn’t sell. Anybody can read a list of points and think that looks good or that looks bad, but it’s a powerful technique to put an image in a reader’s head. For example; Imagine waking up in your East-facing bedroom, sun shining through the slider windows overlooking your maintained 2-acre garden. Make your way into the stone-tiled kitchen for breakfast with a bespoke dining island with more than enough room for all your family to start their day off together in the best way. Of course, this could be edited and described any way you want, but the idea behind this is to put an image into your reader’s head where they can imagine themselves in your property, helping them to form an emotional connection with the property, and therefore increasing the chances they’re going to buy it. Write to the Highest Quality It doesn’t matter if you write the most amazing property description anybody has ever seen, if it’s full of mistakes and typing errors, this lessens the value of trust that your reader has for your property, ultimately decreasing the chances they’re going to buy it. Before you upload your property description, it’s important you read it through several times to ensure it’s 100% accurate. Use these tools below to check grammar, punctuation, spelling and style.  
  • LetsGoAndLearn and AcademAdvisor: make use of these blogs to read about how you can mould your writing and formatting to create the best first impression through your listings.
  Don’t Forget Contact Information While you’ll strive to include all the information you can when it comes to your description, there are going to be people that have questions or want to know more on what you’ve got to offer. For this reason, don’t forget to include a way to contact you so you can address these questions and maximize your chances of securing a sale. Author bio: Chloe Bennet is a home design expert and writer. She edits at Academized and Best British Essays websites. Chloe there works with a team of talented writes and journalists.  Also, she teaches business writing at Top Essay Services portal.

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