A Guide to Cleaning Your Bathroom and Making It Look Brand New

Bathrooms are often key rooms in a home, as they are frequently visited by any guests you may have. These rooms can make a huge impact on a person’s overall impression of your home, especially for individuals who suffer large amounts of social anxiety when it comes to using public bathrooms. When a person walks into a bathroom and feels relaxed and accommodated, it can be a very pleasant surprise. To give all of your guests this experience, you must start with providing a clean environment for them. The following is a guide for how to clean your bathroom and make it look brand new.  

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Do a Thorough Cleaning

Bathrooms have the potential to be one of the dirtiest rooms in a home if they are not thoroughly cleaned often. Between toilet stains, watermarks on mirrors, dust, and even mold from improper ventilation, bathrooms can quickly become unpleasant to be in. Therefore, if you’re looking to transform your bathroom, you need to start by cleaning every inch of surface space in the room.   Start with the sink, bathtub, and toilet, as these can be a little messy to clean. If it’s been a while since you cleaned the tub, you may want to start by unclogging the drain, which often accumulates hair and other debris and slows the draining of the water. Begin by removing the stopper and pulling out anything that can be reached by hand. Afterward, boil a large pot of water and pour it slowly down the tub drain. This will help dissolve the soap scum and dislodge the hair buildup; if needed, pour a cup of baking soda followed by one cup vinegar as well.   These chemicals help loosen and dissolve most day-to-day materials that fall into the drain. They can be used to dislodge anything that may be blocking up the sink as well. Once you take care of those raw materials, use baking soda and bleach to scrub the porcelain of your bathtub, toilet, and sink. This will deep clean and disinfect these areas by removing any buildup and can help bring back their bright white, sparkly finishes. However, when using bleach, make sure to ventilate the bathroom, as harsh chemicals are bad to breathe in.   Bleach can also help remove any mold that may be building up on your walls, which can happen sometimes when bathrooms remain steamy for long after a shower due to poor ventilation. It’s important to clean these areas regularly to ensure your bathroom poses no health threats to guests. Once all of these areas are clean, dust every baseboard corner, windowsill, and toilet surface to remove any hair or dust. Finally, give your bathroom a good sweep and mop, and it will be all clean and ready for the next step of your bathroom transformation.  

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Add Some New Color

Nothing makes a room look brand new like a fresh coat of paint. If you’re hoping to completely transform your bathroom, consider painting with a new color. Because a bathroom is only visited for short periods of time, you can go whichever direction you want in regards to color.   If you’ve been wanting to add a bold color to your home, the bathroom is a good place to try it out. However, keep in mind the emotions you want to evoke when a person walks in, as bold colors can have a strong impact on the feng shui of a room. You should only choose a bold color if you’re going to commit to decorating the rest of the bathroom the same way.   Alternatively, you can never go wrong with lighter colors that generally express more laid-back and relaxing emotions. Light greens and purples are soothing colors that are thought to help attract personal prosperity. If you’re unsure what color you want to use, consider simply accessorizing with colors until you’re sure.   After you decide on a color, you’ll have to decide on a type of paint to use in the bathroom. For high-traffic areas that need to be cleaned often, it’s usually best to select a flat, satin, or semi-gloss paint finish. These paint finishes stand up well to washing and offer high resistance to moisture, which is perfect for a bathroom. However, neither of these finishes hide imperfections well; a semi-gloss finish, in particular, will show every imperfection that occurs during painting and requires extra prepwork to create a smooth finish.  

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Accessorizing With Details

Bathrooms are often good rooms to maintain a somewhat minimalist decor approach within. In smaller bathrooms, where a person may not have a lot of room to move around in, clutter and knick-knacks can easily get in the way or be knocked over as someone looks for tissues or toilet paper. With a minimalist approach, it can be easier for your guests to find what they are looking for in the bathroom. By decorating your bathrooms with useful items, your bathroom decor will be considered practical above all else.   As you look for finishing touches to add to your bathroom, you may consider changing out some of the big accessories in the room, such as the mirror or lighting fixtures. These are two accessories that add style and function to a bathroom, and they can often change the entire look of the room. Replacing these can be a good and relatively simple way to finish transforming your bathroom with decor that can be as intricate or simple as you’d like.   As one of the main focal points in a bathroom, the mirror can serve as a guide for the general theme of the bathroom. If you’re hoping to decorate your bathroom in an ornate and traditional style, consider adding a Mya oval framed mirror, which can add a sense of elegance to the bathroom. This mirror is outlined with a ribbon and bow design, which could open the door to satin details and other ribbon decorations around the bathroom.   A bathroom can be a great room in your home to channel fun elements of your personal style for your guests to see. You can get as elaborate or minimalist with your bathroom as you’d like, and it can still look great. The most important thing is for your bathroom to be kept thoroughly clean in order to be a room that your guests feel comfortable using. After that, let your creative freedom reign and decorate to your heart’s desire.

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