A Reporter’s Discovery and Experience of the Staging to Live® Concept

I was called by the Journal Newspapers writer and reporter about my Concepts of “Staging to Live(R)”. As she interviewed me I also asked her, as I always ask reporters, “Have you been to our wonderful International Association of Home Staging Professionals,  IAHSP, site.” She replied,”no, and I called you as The Creator of Home Staging.” I asked her, “please go to our www.IAHSP.com site and see our Seattle IAHSP Chapter site there”.  I asked her to go our IAHSP site and then the Seattle IAHSP chapter site as the writer lives in the Seattle area. She did and the article below article is the result.  It is a wonderful article, I hope you agree, and it will be seen by many reporters and writers all over the country now and I have no doubt that they too will go to our IAHSP site and look at the IAHSP Chapter site in their area for this is how the magic of us all working together works. “More Means More” as I say all the time when it comes to our great ASP’s and IAHSP members! Share the article below and I am placing it too on our www.stagedhomes.com site on our media center of course too! Live in Joy, ASP Stage(R) with Joy and Enjoy the Wonder and Magic of it all! Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP, ASPM , AB , IAHSP The Creator of Home Staging® President & Founder, StagedHomes.com President & Founder, IAHSP.com Please click here to read All my home’s a stage: Once limited to homes for sale, home staging is becoming a popular decorating option by Katherine Luck of the Journal Media Group.
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