A Week to Give Thanks, To YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving to You! BarbSchwarzsmallI thought I’d take this opportunity to share ‘ASP® Success Stories in Today’s Market for You!’  No matter market conditions, the ASPs who have shared with me their stories below are spreading good words and good vibes with all that they meet.  They do not buy into the idea that there is no business out there.  In fact they go out and make it happen.  As I’m sure you can imagine, each day I receive literally hundreds of emails.  Some are of great success and some are saying that there is no business out there.  Both remarks can come from the same city and in the same market.  As I say in class (and do come back to the ASP Class as I add new things to our ASP Course all of the time) “How can it be that in the same city, with the same economy and interest rates, and with the same RE offices and sellers in the same town that one ASP says there is no business and another ASP is having great success in the same area?” I am very serious when I share with you all that I believe, teach, and strive to live by these 5 keys as well.  You see I know it comes down to 5 things:
  • Your Attitude
  • Your Marketing Skills
  • Your Business Skills
  • Your Staging Talent
  • Your Communication Skills
With some ASP’s doing better in these 5 areas than other ASP’s I believe truly these are the things that give some the edge to lead and succeed no matter what the market is doing.  Below I share with you our 2nd issue of ‘ASP Success Stories in Today’s Market for You!”  It is my hope that the ASP’s who share their success stories below will inspire you all and show that indeed no matter what market we are in and what city you live and work in there is always, always business there.  As I also say, ‘Remember that each ‘no’ is one step closer to getting the ‘yes’.”  This I have seen to be true for almost 37 years now. With the right attitude everyday, and with marketing, marketing, marketing, learning business skills, refining your ASP Staging Talent, and practicing great communication skills that we teach in our ASP Course we all can be successful in all ways, always. Believe to be and it will happen for you….for as Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t and either way you will prove yourself right!”  He is right on the dime.  For as human beings we love to prove ourselves right no matter what our attitude is and no matter what our beliefs are. So read the below and use these as motivation and education to move forward to raise your level of business as well…. I thank the below ASP’s and ASPM’s for sharing with me and now us all.  I encourage you all to send me your success stories for as others see your name they will look you up on our SHC directory and remember what city you are in and send you referrals too.  That is the way that this works so the more you share the more others will share with you and send you business as that opportunity comes along! These are so great and I thank each ASP/ASPM who shared with me and now with you.  Please share your successes with me too as I would love to have you in our next Success Newsletter for sure.  By the way you will notice that I have not put their email address with their name and ASP designation as you need to go to the directory on www.stagedhomes.com and look them up and see their profile and/or ASP® featured page and houses they have up too and email them from there.  I know that they will all be happy to share ideas with you and me.  To do so though you need to look them up first and then write them. Live in Joy, ASP Stage with Joy, and Enjoy the Magic and Wonder of it all! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours….. I pray that you have a wonderful blessed day with those that you love whether they are near or far, whether in person or by phone or email, to celebrate the things, the many things that we are all so thankful for. Personally, I am so very thankful for you as an ASP® or ASPM®. Blessings to you and for you….. Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® President & Founder, StagedHomes.com President & Founder, IAHSP.com Testimonials 103It was just about 3 years ago when I took the ASP Staging Course. I remember the words you said to me Jane Ann, as my teacher, that I would have a successful Staging company and I remember thinking no I am not going to pursue this business. I find my self telling this story over and over again. Well today I am the owner of Setting The Space, New England’s Largest Staging Company. I own 2 warehouses of Staging furniture, we have 10 people on our staff and Stage daily. I have been featured on television, radio, newspapers, and  magazines. Our Staging’s are sought after by the most prestigious realtors and developers here in Massachusetts. We have been flown out of state to Stage properties.  The phone never stops ringing. It has been non stop for these “short” three years of being in business.  I promote ASP where ever I go and sing the praises of Barb’s wisdom and genius in creating Staged Homes. Lots of Love, Blair Hamaty, ASP®, IAHSP® Plymouth, MA Barb, 104I love being an ASP® and am constantly amazed at all you do for us. Our chapter of ASP’s in Columbus, OH really do understand the meaning of the unity that you bring and what is brought to us by being part of the group. Our meeting on Monday we had 19 member attending of the 21 stagers in our area, this is normal. Each time someone takes the ASP Course we contact them and invite them to the meetings and get them plugged in ASAP. We also do our best to get them out on assignment as soon as we can and include them in the group. I feel our mentorship program is embraced by everyone and we truly do what we can to help each other. Today I bounced out of bed to get ready for my first Staging to Live® project. I have joined up with another ASP and together we are gaining ground in our businesses. We asked the two newest ASP’s to join us for the day. We are excited to have them there. Personally I love being able to share what I have learned. Tomorrow, I am meeting with another ASP. I am going to spend some time with her going over her marketing plan. I also mentor and talk with 3 other ASP’s around the states that I have met as convention, or in our ASP Course or by referring an assignment to. Working with newer ASP’s helps me refocus my plan of action, forces me to change things and motivates me to be the best that I can be. I have been handing out Sweet Treats with a business card attached saying ‘Sweeten your listings with My English Touch’ the REALTORS® and clients love them. I also take them to offices during presentations. In fact when I stop in to one office they always ask what I have brought… I dare not go empty handed. This was my Mom’s British Recipe and everyone loves it. I am Staging lots, and my Husband now spends his evenings baking when he is not assisting me by loading up the truck for a Staging assignment! Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for us. I will always be an ASP there is no doubt in my mind. All the best to you. Katy Fineman Jones, ASP®, IAHSP® Pickerington, OH 105I have had 6 bids for vacant properties in the last 4 weeks.   I already got 1 of the projects and am confident that I will be getting 3 more of them.   My business is growing by leaps and bounds and I agree mindset is huge!  I live in a small town with 35,000 people! Thanks, Kim Goeltom, ASP® Williamsburg, VA 106My last Staging (vacant) was in contract in eight days after being on the market four months, not Staged. The Realtor said “why didn’t we do this sooner?” …after two price reductions???? He is SOLD on ASP Staging!!!!! I am too 🙂 Shelly McBride, ASP®, IAHSP® Delaware, OH 107I was so excited as this was the first staging job I had here in Rockport. (see attached letter) I have had several since then (even a Staged to Live®) and continue to get calls. I have done several presentations with success.  I didn’t really start promoting the business until mid July and have really been networking and getting “out there”. Thanks a million Barb and to all of your staff. They have been wonderful every time I have needed help. Click here to see Linda’s ERA Testimonial Sincerely, Linda Southard, ASP® Rockport, TX 108The goal is three presentations a month and three contacts per day. I do remember you words about every “no” being that much closer to a “yes”.  Absolutely a mantra. Hugs and many heartfelt thanks to You Barb, Paulette Walters, ASP®, IAHSP® Limerick, PA Wow- thanks so much for that idea Barb in The Stagedhomes.com blog! 109I just got called last night from the newspaper conglomerate in Rhode Island- publish about 6 newspaper in New England. They asked if they could interview me for a front page article in”Home Section” in their papers! They found me due to my monthly newsletter which we send out to Realtors-about 700- it got forwarded to the General Manager of the newspaper corporation. Then they checked out my website and called me. You just never know. I’ll keep you posted. And thanks again for all you do   🙂 Enthusiastically, Susan Martin, ASP®, IAHSP® Charlestown, RI Newsletters Newsletters can be very good to do.  Trish Kim, ASPM, IAHSP serving the D.C. area, sends out her own wonderful ‘Staged Interior’ newsletters on a regular basis.  Way to go Trish! Click here to see Trish Kim’s Newsletter. Share with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, blog or per email – click on the button below.
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