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ASPM LogoASPM® Masters Course Attend the ASPM® Masters Course with The Creator of Home Staging, Barb Schwarz! Benefit from Barb’s 35+ years experience of Staging as well as her successful Business Model of how to run your Home Staging business like a true ASPM Master! Improve your presentation skills!  With more than 18,000 hours on the platform, tap into Barb’s experience as a professional speaker.

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video ASPMWhidbey Island, WA (Seattle) April 11-15, 2011 Investment of the ASPM Course is $3,450 U.S. Ask Our ASP® Course Marketing Specialists About Possible Savings for You 800-392-7161 or email Five Days of Intense Instruction Day 1 Your first day with Barb is super-charged with information and ASPM Home Staging enlightenment. Role playing and fine tuning helps make the Masters Course the wonderful course that it is and here you role play with the master. Barb sets the pace for the week as she talks with you about the importance of your communication and creative skills. She goes more in-depth about effectively preparing bids, proposals and consultations. •    ASP Course review •    ASPM Home Staging communication skills •    Building creative ASPM Home Staging ideas and concepts BarbSchwarzsmallDay 2 On this day you will prepare a Home Staging bid for a vacant property. After being at the actual house, you will have time to prepare your proposal and begin to put your bid together for the property. Putting your proposal together is a very educational and powerful part of the Masters Course. The next morning you will present your proposal to the class as to how you would Stage the property and present the bid to the client. How you present your proposal is very important for your future business. Barb will critique your presentation and communication in a positive constructive way to help you do the best proposals possible. This hands-on learning experience with Barb will truly give you more ideas of how to prepare and present your bids which will lead to more business for you. •    Home Staging bids/proposals •    Preparing a home Staging Proposal for a vacant property •    Turning your ideas into a Home Staging bid for an actual home •    Presentation of your Home Staging bid to Barb and the Class •    Receiving Positive Feedback/Critique about your Proposal and Presentation from Barb Day 3 On Day 3 you will visit another home with Barb. This home is lived in and occupied. Here you will prepare a Home Staging Consultation! In the house you will have time to write down your thoughts and ideas. When you return to the classroom, you will have time to prepare your consultation. You will learn more about the differences between preparing proposals and consultations, as well as pricing your projects. •    Home Staging Consultations •    Preparing a Home Staging Consultation for a lived in Property •    Turning your ideas into a Home Staging Consultation for an actual home •    Presentation of your Home Staging Consultation to Barb and the Class •    Receiving Positive Feedback/Critique about your Consultation and Presentation from Barb Day 4 Marketing your ASPM business is the important topic of your morning session. Barb will lead you in discussion of the latest in marketing techniques and the skills that set the top ASPM Stagers apart from others. Marketing is crucial to building your ASPM Home Staging business. You can be one of the greatest ASP Stagers in the marketplace today, but if you don’t market yourself, no one will know who you are and the talent you have! In the afternoon you will do a Home Staging presentation/talk which will be filmed so you can see yourself and learn from Barb, who is one of the most highly rated gifted speakers alive today. As you market yourself and your business, it’s important that you give presentations about Home Staging and the services and benefits that Staging provides. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn positive speaking techniques and ideas that work! You will be surrounded by those who care about you, so the support you will receive from Barb and others in the ASPM Course will be wonderful and plentiful. The more you are in front of people, the more you learn, grow and become more proficient at public speaking. From Barb’s 22 years as a professional, award winning speaker, you will benefit from Barb’s suggestions and feedback and you will come away with ideas galore of how to make and give presentations in RE Offices to build your ASPM Home Staging business! •    Who, where and how to market your business •    Successful marketing ideas, techniques and skills •    Presentation of your Home Staging talk in front of the camera in class •    Speaking ideas and techniques taught to you by a master speaker, Barb Schwarz •    Personal and positive critique and feedback from Barb Day 5 Day five is your time to ask Barb any and all questions you have about building a successful ASPM Home Staging business. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity to have your questions answered by The Creator of Home Staging and the one who has Staged more homes than anyone. Part of the morning session is dedicated to questions and answers that will help bring the whole week together for you and summarize the keys to success for building your ASPM Staging business. Shopping and inventory also take the spotlight for the day. Building and then renting your inventory can bring you more revenue. In the afternoon of day five, you will go on a real Staging shopping trip. Barb will give you $100 cash to purchase items to Stage a room of your choice. You will then go back to the course location and set up your vignette with the items you purchased. You will show and share with the group what you bought, why and how you will use it. The goal is to find the best items you can purchase for your money. You will also be keeping all that you purchase so bring an extra suitcase so that you can fly your purchases back home with you! Barb will also teach you how to make and keep commitments. Barb believes that making and keeping commitments is one of the biggest and most important steps you can ever take. Commitment and accountability lead you to results! •    Major home Staging question and answer time with Barb •    Live shopping trip •    Your Assignment: You will be given $100 cash by Barb to shop along with the other members of the class to find the most creative Staging items you can find for an Individual Staging project assigned to you by Barb. •    Set Up and presentation of your Staging Shopping for your project! •    Barb’s steps to commitment and accountability •    ASPM graduation evening cocktails and dinner Your Graduation Dinner! On the evening of our last day together is your ASPM graduation dinner. This is a wonderful evening of celebration of the week you have shared together with Barb and the other ASPMs. It is a time to celebrate you and your accomplishments of the week. This special evening features a gourmet dinner and graduation ceremonies with Barb. It is a grand way to end this fabulous week and the truly the star of the night is you. In addition to what you received as you graduated from your ASP Course, you will also receive the following materials with the ASPM Course: •    ASPM® Masters Designation •    Detailed ASPM® Stager Course Manual and ASPM® supplemental materials •    ASPM® Lapel Pin and ASPM Certificate of Graduation •    Unlimited ASPM® Refresher Courses as an active ASPM® member for a nominal fee * •    A special 8 page ASPM® Featured Page •    ASP® Stager CAREERBook® and DVD of how to prepare your CAREERBook® •    ASP® Stager Marketing Portfolio •    How to Price Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar©! DVD •    How to Stage Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar©! DVD •    Barb’s best selling Book: “Home Staging: The Winning Way to Sell Your House for More Money!©” •    Barb’s Home Staging business model Book: “Building a Successful Home Staging Business©” •    $100 cash for a shopping trip with Barb to Stage your custom room project Meals for the day include lunch and dinner as part of the investment of your ASPM course. Most days are 12 hour days so come prepared to work hard and learn from the true Master Home Staging Instructor, Barb Schwarz.



I have been back 2 weeks now and can’t believe the difference that the course has made for me in the way I market my business and interact with clients and REALTORS®. ~Teresa Rojek, ASPM The week of ASPM training exceeded my expectations. ~Jenny Chung, ASPM “The class with Barb was phenomenal. I truly feel that any time spent with her is a great investment in yourself and your business. She really showed us how we were leaving money on the table by not presenting our consultations and proposals in person. The taped REALTOR® office presentation helped me to refine my own presentation. Watching the other presentations gave me new ideas for mine in the future.” ~ Rebecca Henderson, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP® Thank you for many things. Thank you for being you & creating Staging – it is in my being to be a Stager! The Master’s course is the best thing I have done in years. ~~Jan Whitlow, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

“I cannot recommend the ASP® Master’s course highly enough. Taking the ASP® Master’s course has made a great difference to my Staging business. Training with Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging, in an ASP® Masters course will change your life.” ~~Edith Bookstein, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, Recipient of the 2007 ASP® Spirit Award “In the ASPM® course, not only did I learn new material, but it gave me the time I needed to focus attention “on” my business, rather than working “in” it. I would recommend the ASPM® course; not only for its content, but also for the marketing opportunities it provides us all.” ~~Sandy Donogh, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP® “I have been back 2 weeks now and can’t believe the difference that the course has made for me in the way I market my business and interact with clients and REALTORS®. I truly appreciate all you taught us at the class and am so glad I went. I made a presentation to a real estate office just a few days after I returned and got 2 projects so far from the presentation. I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. They helped immensely. I made great friends at the course and have been in touch with some of the ladies. I have never been part of a business that is so generous in nature. You are a phenomenal example to us all. Thanks so much.” ~~Teresa Rojek, ASP® ASPM®, IAHSP® More testimonials


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You will love becoming an important part of the ASPM family. ASPMs are held in the highest regard by all ASPs. Your investment in earning your ASPM designation will return to you over and over again in the years ahead. As an ASPM you will become and be surrounded by the best of the best! ~Barb Schwarz

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