Amazing Bathroom Ideas – Guest Post from Lori Longoria –

Amazing bathroom ideas are the one thing you should have on your mind. The bathroom is the most underestimated room in the home. Many people just don’t know how much you can enhance your life by upgrading your bathroom. There are so many ways you can decorate your bathroom to allow you to have a fabulous bath experience. Why is a bathroom so important? When you tell some people, they can have a fabulous time in the bathroom they are left blank. They think, “I thought bathrooms were just for cleansing my body; so what is this about enhanced experiences”? Well, the truth is the bathroom holds the keys to your bliss. It’s one of the places you start your day in, and you should make it count. Traditionally, a bathroom is where you go to get the dust and grime of your day off. So when some people hear they can relax and have fun in a bathroom, they are skeptical. Well, the truth is you can turn your bathroom into a spa! Yes, that place you go to for mental and physical relaxation can be inside the comfort of your home. You can turn you bathing area into a place for your relaxation and rejuvenation by using bathroom ideas. These are tips that show you how you can spruce up your bathing area to your advantage. Did you know that your bathroom can be more than a washing area? Not many people know this, and there is so much you can do to turn your bathroom into a haven of relaxing delights. When it comes to relaxation in bathrooms, fantastic bathroom delights, come into mind. These are different ways you can pimp your bathroom out to make it do more than just help you get the dirt off your body. For example, you can refurbish it to give it some ambiance and get rid of the dull fixtures and décor. Also, you can go a step further and install fixtures that will pamper your body and give you that spa experience in your home. The list of how you can improve your bathroom is long and wide; you just have to choose what suits your budget. Different amazing bathroom ideas for your bathroom A bathroom is a place we spend at least 15 minutes of our day. Therefore you need to make it a comfortable and functional place that serves you well. Most people, when furbishing a bathing area, just focus on putting in the sinks, tubs and shower heads. However, there are other areas you can install in your bathroom that will enhance it. To decide on what to put in, you must look at this project as a matter of improving on what you have. – Metals for fixture Start with changing your metal fixture! Stainless steel is often the go-to-metal for bathroom taps and shower heads. However, there are other metals you can use for your bathroom apart from the everyday stainless steel. For example, you can invest in brass taps that bring a fresh energy into the bathroom and are also long-lasting. They offer a warm color and will look good especially in low lighting when you are having a bath. The thing to keep in mind when choosing metal fixtures is to match the color of the decor in your bath. Also focus on your budget as some cost more than others. Overall, make sure they are durable so that they last long in the designated bathroom.   – Mats No bathroom is complete without warm, fuzzy rugs. You need mats when you get out of the bath dripping wet. They also help to upgrade the ambiance of the room, especially where the color matches the surrounding décor. When choosing a mat for your bathroom, just make sure it is of absorbent material, can fit all areas exposed to moisture and is a color that matches with other fixtures in your bathroom. Also make sure it’s comfortable to walk on because you need to stand on a great, absorbent mat after a bath. It all adds up to the spa experience that we look for in every bathing ritual. – Shower panels Modern times extend to us a chance to upgrade every area of our lives. The bathroom is one such area as there are lots of innovative fixtures that you can use to improve your bathing area. A good example is shower panels, which are functional slabs that you can mount on a wall in your shower area that provide you with a variety of great experiences. For example, some can jet out steam while others have fixtures that can spit out water in different volumes. Using such fixtures, you almost feel like someone is giving your body a rub down. Others will provide 360-degree water dispersion that comes in handy when you want your whole body to get jettisoned by water so you can wake up in the morning. These are just a few examples of shower panels you can use in your home. They are affordable, easy to install and versatile so that you only have to pick a preference and put it up. The result is a spa bathing experience in your home that you will enjoy after a hard day at work.   – Lighting Nothing dictates the mood like the lighting in a room. The bathroom is no different; it’s one of the rooms in the house you need to relax in. So you must make sure the lighting is aesthetically pleasing. When lighting is good, ambiance is great, and you will enjoy your bath or shower better than if you were doing it under standard lighting. So, invest in colored lighting bulbs that you can dim at will. Some colors of lights make you feel relaxed while others give out a romantic atmosphere and so on; it’s up to you to find out what works for your bathing area, Keep in mind that you can also use scented candles to enhance your shower experience. A significant advantage of using candles is the beautiful scent they offer. Also, they give a warm background to any setting. So make sure you have a few of them all over the bathroom to enhance the ambiance and make your shower experience special. – Mirrors and flowers Mirrors reflect light and flower bring beauty into any setting. If you introduce a mirror and a bunch of flowers into your bathroom, it will enhance the ambiance of your bathroom. Just pick your favorite flowers and put them in a beautiful vase. Alternatively, you can have a live plant that will benefit from the constant moisture in the bath especially an all green plant. Use mirrors to reflect off beautiful things such as an exciting bathroom portrait or picture. The overall effect will be breathtaking and relaxing, which you need in your bath area. – Tubs and shower heads There are many types of tubs and shower heads you can get in your bathroom. These days the target is not only to get water out or into them but also to make your bathing time interesting. Therefore consider getting tubs that have faucets that jet out water in different temperatures. Get a shower cubical in which you can have steam jets and have a sauna experience. The idea is to get something to pamper your body even as you cleanse it. There are so many ways to enhance your bathroom. You don’t have to settle for dull fixtures and décor. Choose functional fixtures and décor that make your bath time worth your while. They are nice, amazing bathroom ideas to get and install; so why not order some today!

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