Applying IAHSP Convention Tips


Tom and I came home from the IAHSP convention so filled with information and inspiration. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone involved.

Thanks Cindy Lin, for your motivation, and thank you to Barb and the others for their great presentations. We got so much out of it. And I really enjoyed the panelists. What great women! Today I’m planning on sending out our inaugural e-newsletter-  thanks to Trish and Young and Carol and others for their advice on that.

At this moment, I’m following up on another tip from convention – blogging!

Years ago, before a name was given to it, I wasted too much of my life on message boards. So when blogging came along I didn’t want to be sucked into another time waster.

After hearing Barb and Cindy Lin at convention, I see what a necessity it is. I’ve determined that Saturday is my official blogging day, so here I am!

 I had never even heard the term “google juice” before Cindy’s awesome presentation, but I understand its importance now. After doing a recent google search of my name, I found this out as well: creates a LOT of google juice. One of the reasons my name came up so high in the search was because of book and music reviews I had done YEARS ago on

 So before I leave here to put up my sites on active rain, trulia, myspace, linkedin, facebook and twitter, I just wanted to let everyone know that they should have a review or two at as well!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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