ASP-RE Course Outline and Overview

Thank you for the opportunity to present an overview of the Accredited Staging Partner® (ASP®) Course from  Since 1999 has taught this course to over 30,000 professionals in the real estate industry.  We have taught in Realtor Boards all over the country, successfully partnering with them to bring a high quality and interesting course to their locations.

A Licensed Real Estate Professional will learn:

  • What Home Staging is and what it is NOT
  • How to use Staging as a key market differentiator for business
  • How to use Staging as a key marketing tool for listings
  • The Four Phases of the Staging and Selling Cycle and how to use staging as a key business and marketing tool to benefit their clients and grow their business
  • Fulfill the Fiduciary Responsibility to their Clients and protect their business
  • Protect their Commission
  • The importance of upholding their fiduciary responsibility to the Seller by providing Home Staging information as an option for clients and protect themselves from risk of breach of duty or negligence claims
  • Preserve the Client’s Equity
  • How to get every client to say YES to Staging their properties
  • Receive current industry Statistics that prove Staging works to help homeowners get top dollar
  • Gain access to before and after photos that can be used in a listing presentation to demonstrate the powerful effect Staging has on buyers online and in person
  • Learn how to share things with clients without offending them
  • Learn key scripting and phrases that effectively communicate your message
  • Receive scripts that clearly articulate value proposition and listing process
  • Understand how valuable time is and how to partner with Stagers
  • What a real estate agent should expect when working with a Stager
  • Learn how to never give away creative ideas for free again
  • How and when to introduce Home Staging in the listing and marketing process to benefit both the Seller and listing agent.
  • How to incorporate Staging in listing contracts including phrasing and options.
  • How to get Sellers on board with Staging their properties including scripts for overcoming objections and concerns.
  • The ROSI – Return On Staging Investment for homeowners where the benefit of Staging is quantified monetarily based on proven statistics and industry standards.
  • How to communicate the cost versus investment of Home Staging to their sellers, and how Staging is a tool that helps maximize the rate of return on the sale of a property.
  • How to work with Home Stagers and collaborate for business success.
  • How Staging impacts a Buyer’s perception of a home online and in person.
  • How Staging can help with issues of repair, age or condition, including material trends, budgeting for repairs, and prioritizing where the Seller needs to invest dollars prior to listing.
  • How to build trust with Sellers and how it benefits them, demonstrating they are a partner in the Seller’s success and an advocate for their equity.
  • Current Home Staging statistics and facts they can use in their business marketing and listing presentation.
  • How to access the Staging University that includes turn-key resources for marketing and business development unavailable to the general public.
  • Course includes a 14-page Staging Criteria checklist of what needs to be done room-by-room in a property, including curb appeal.
  • Course includes key tips and guidelines for preparing houses for sale
  • Students receive a 50+ manual once they complete the course that includes helpful information and course content review.
  • Students receive a year membership in The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®
  • Students earn their ASP® Real Estate Agent (ASP-RE®) Designation & Accreditation.
  • Students have access to ongoing education and events once they complete the course.

Once they complete the course they receive:

  • Resources that Add Value to a real estate business for student and their clients
  • Exclusive discounts and incentives only available to ASP-RE Graduates
  • Membership in The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®)
  • Statistics that prove Staging works
  • Staging Calculator Tool
  • Scripts and Role Playing
  • Before and After Photos of properties students can use in their marketing
  • Staging University access – forms and templates
  • Special Logos to use in marketing to brand themselves differently than their competition
  • Marketing Templates that align with the 4 Steps in the Cycle
  • Additional Marketing Information they can download and use to Educate clients
  • Overcoming Objections Webinar
  • Role Playing and Scripting Webinar
  • Making Effective Presentations Webinar
  • Goal Setting and Business Planning Webinar
  • Exposure on Top Rated Site for Referrals
  • International Stager Network referring ASP-RE Agents to clients
  • Ability to post your Listings on our Staged Property Portal for added exposure
  • Trade discounts from Key Vendor Partners that Add Value to agent’s business
  • Additional courses to Add to Agent’s Expertise
  • Course refresher opportunity at a low price

The ASP® Courses are taught by Certified ASP® Course Trainers that have been vetted for their expertise, selected based on their resume qualifications, their speaking skills, and contribution to the industry.  All Trainers attend Train-the-Trainer sessions annually to refine speaking and presentation skills as well as quarterly reviews to ensure consistent quality.

All Trainers are Accredited Staging Professional Masters (ASPM®) Stagers and/or Real Estate Agents and run successful businesses in the industry they serve.

All Trainers are IAHSP®-Premier Members of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) that since 1999 has set industry standards for excellence, education and ethics.

The ASP® Course is an IAHSP®-Approved Course, having been reviewed and vetted by the longest running Home Staging Industry Association, and the only one that has educational requirements for membership. 

The History of Home Staging

The Home Staging Industry officially began in 1972 when Barb Schwarz entered real estate and recognized the need for Sellers to better improve how their houses showed to prospective Buyers.  She coined the phrase, “Stage®,” as it relates to real estate and the industry of Home Staging began. As a result, she became a top producer in her market in the Seattle region and helped educate over 1 million agents during a speaking tour in the 1980s through late 1990s.  In 1999, she started® and introduced the first professional designation for the Staging Industry – Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®).  At the same time, she founded the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®), the first professional association to provide standards for business practices and ethics in the Home Staging Industry.  The industry has grown globally with the educational foundation Stagedhomes has provided to real estate agents and professional home stagers around the world.

The Accredited Staging Professional® Real Estate Agent (ASP®-RE) and ASP® Stager Business Courses were developed in 1999 and to date has graduated over 30,000 students through our programs.  The courses were overhauled and updated in 2016, and are updated regularly every 3-6 months to ensure our content is timely and on trend for today’s real estate industry and market.

The courses are popular and help increase business success and productivity for graduates.  Students not only learn valuable information they can implement immediately in their business practice to make them more productive, they also earn a highly respected industry designation and a one-year membership in the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®), a $195 value.

Our courses are informative, popular, fast-paced, full of proven ideas and techniques and agents love it.  We teach agents proven techniques on how to educate sellers on how to prepare their homes for sale so they sell quicker and for more money.  It adds value to their real estate business and helps make them more productive.  Most of our Realtor Board and Association partners host the class twice a year, but several host it three to four times a year.

Who is

We are a real estate training company that trains real estate agents on the importance of Staging their listings to help them sell faster and/or for more money. We also educate people interested in establishing a home staging company and teach them how to market, manage and maintain a successful business. We have been partnering with real estate educational partners since 1999, to present the Accredited Staging Partner and Accredited Staging Professional Courses. We offer four primary designations and accreditation courses:  the ASP® Real Estate Agent Course, ASP® Home Stager Course, the ASA® Course – Accredited Staging Assistant, and the ASPM® Course- Accredited Staging Professional Master®.  We have other educational course offerings that are part of our overall curriculum for added education and designations for all Stagedhomes graduates.

In June 2016, the company sold to the current owners, John and Jennie Norris, who had been part of Stagedhomes since 2002.  They invited others to join the company as minority investors and together this brain-trust comprises the Leadership Team.  They are all experienced, licensed real estate agents and/or professional home stagers.