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Dear ASP’s and ASPM’s! Daily I receive literally hundreds of emails as you can imagine.  Some are of great success and some are saying that there is no business out there.  Both remarks can come from the same city and in the same market.  As I say in class (and do come back to the ASP Class as I add new things to our ASP Course all of the time) “How can it be that in the same city, with the same economy and interest rates, and with the same RE offices and sellers in the same town that one ASP says there is no business and another ASP is having great success in the same area?” I believe it comes down to 5 things:
  • Attitude
  • Marketing Skills
  • Business Skills
  • Staging Talent
  • Communication Skills
With some ASP’s doing better in these 5 areas than other ASP’s I believe truly these are the things that give some the edge to lead and succeed no matter what the market is doing.  Below I share with you, and will begin doing so each month, ‘ASP Success Stories in Today’s Market for You!” It is my hope that the ASP’s who share their success stories below will inspire you all and show that indeed no matter what market we are in and what city you live and work in there is always, always business there.  As I also say, ‘Remember that each ‘no’ is one step closer to getting the ‘yes’.”  This I have seen to be true for almost 37 years now. With the right attitude everyday, and with marketing, marketing, marketing, learning business skills, refining your ASP Staging Talent, and practicing great communication skills that we teach in our ASP Course we all can be successful in all ways, always. Believe to be and it will happen for you….for as Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t and either way you will prove yourself right!”  He is right on the dime.  For as human beings we love to prove ourselves right no matter what our attitude is and no matter what our beliefs are. So read the below and use these as motivation and education to move forward to raise your level of business as well…. I thank the below ASP’s and ASPM’s for sharing with me and now us all.  I encourage you all to send me your success stories for as others see your name they will look you up on our SHC directory and remember what city you are in and send you referrals too.  That is the way that this works so the more you share the more others will share with you and send you business as that opportunity comes along! These are so great and watch for this Constant Contact newsletter each month that I send to you…. My newest saying is, “Live in Joy, ASP Stage with Joy, and Enjoy the Magic and Wonder of it all!” With appreciation for you as an ASP or ASPM! Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP, ASPM , AB , IAHSP The Creator of Home Staging® President & Founder, President & Founder, BarbSchwarzsmall Testimonials Dear Barb, We have Staged over 100 homes through August of this year.  We have worked very hard at networking, building relationships and keeping our name and “ASP Staging” out in front of the real estate industry.  We market all the time and do everything humanly possible to meet everyone’s expectations. We are busy, much busier than we anticipated.  Most recently an agent said because of the high rate of foreclosures in this area it is difficult to find “a nice home”, she has buyers but can’t find properties to sell them-this is where we come in!  We also offer “ASP Staging to Live” services for those wanting to stay their homes until the market rebounds.  If we find a need that fits within our abilities we expand our service level to fit that need.  We are constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our customers and the housing/real estate industry! Thank you, Carole PS.  I have also attached for your use and information some testimonials as well as one of our most recent Stages, it was a hoot!  The testimonials even though about our services really say more about the “ASP Staging” and the value it has-especially the last testimonial-that property was on the market for 2 1/2 years-we staged it and it sold 23 days later to people who had already seen it a year before, came back and fell in love with it. 71 73 Click here to see Carol’e personal testimonials My Best, Carole Morgan ASP StageRight Home Staging Richland , MI 74 ********************************************************************** Dear Barb, I have been so “productive” with my business that I am barely sleeping.  Last week I averaged 2 to 4 hours each night.  I simply had to get some sleep last night and start out refreshed today.  I am investing my weekend on new marketing. I have just been keeping up our ASPM Staging product/service with my high standards of excellence (even though the “investment” is higher) and it is paying off.  I am becoming known as the higher priced stager who does the best job and gets results.  I am fine with that. One Associate Broker sent out an email blast to the other 3000 Realtors in his franchise singing our praises and I have got so much exposure from that.  Their CEO even sent him an email asking if I had the presentation skills to speak to their group of 3000 at their convention.  I have not been approached formally yet but I am hopeful. Another Realtor I have teamed with this year is having a cruise on the Potomac Rive to feature me!  See the attached invitation.  I am so honored.  This really is an example of how Staging is changing the real estate market.  This Realtor is wooing me verses me wooing him.  What a welcome relief.  He has sold over 50 houses this year alone already too.  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  It would be so great if you and Kirk were in town and could attend. I think about you so often.  I thank God for you and the vision you shared with us.  Your impact is exponential and Your ideas change people’s lives. Yeah……I did just get asked to speak at that convention with 3000 Realtors!  The CEO said that I could have a free tradeshow booth ($1500 normally) in lieu of a speaking fee.  I get a whole hour to educate the Realtors.  I talked all about you and gave your books out as presents and 5 of them said that they will attend the Baltimore class in December and become ASP’s.  There are no ASP’s in their area so this is really great!  It is sort of a rural area and they needed to see how staging can help them too.  There are certain universal truths about ASP Staging that extend to every market as you know! Barb, this is such a breakthrough for all of us.  Realtors wooing stagers and them seeing the true reciprocal relationship of teaming with us instead of just seeing us as vendors.  This trend must please you so much!  I know this is what you have envisioned for all of us. Thanks for all you have done and all that you continue to do for all of us. Sincerely, Michelle Morris, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP Accredited Staging Professional MASTER “The 2008 Barb Schwarz Rising Star ASP Stager of the Year Award Winner” President-Elect, DC Chapter, International Association of Home Staging Professionals 75 ********************************************************************** Dear Barb, The Benefits of ASP Staging!  Wow!   I ASP Staged 2 vacant houses that had been on the market for 4 & 5 months respectively and both got offers in one week that went to closing. Results speak for themselves! LeeAnn Kramer, ASP, IAHSP President San Antonio , TX 76 *********************************************************************** Hi Barb, I just wanted to share with you my latest success story. I ASP Staged a new construction spec home for a builder that I have done several homes (5 to date.  It was a large and for our area higher end home that had lots of showings but just not the right buyer until 2 weeks ago.  The buyer not only wanted the house…. he wanted my entire staging inventory in the house!  EVERYTHING! I was conflicted because it was mostly my favorite things in my inventory, but I put a price on it.  In the end it came to the point that the furniture sold the house.  The builder was thankful for my co-operation and now I have a nice buffer in my checking account.  As far as inventory goes, it’s all about the hunt, right?!!! In reading over the Blog today I saw that one of your pieces of advice was to offer to Stage a realty office for free.  I have an app’t next week to do that very thing.  I have been asked to offer advice on colors, furniture and accessories.  I have received several Staging projects from this office so I am happy to give something back. In this down market I am being creative in keeping my name and face in front of Realtors® and builders.  I have contracted to do consultations for one agency as a part of their listing package.  One builder I have put together color packages for him to use in his spec houses as well as meeting with his clients to help them pick colors for carpet, paint, counter tops, etc.  Other builders are considering this as well. Every project is a blessing and a chance to help others.  People stop me all the time to say they have seen my car (with my car magnets business name and #) around town and want to talk about Staging.  I have even gotten calls while in the car when someone saw me and called right then. Please continue to keep us motivated and positive with your enthusiasm for ASP Staging. Thank you, Kim Trudo, ASP Bella Mia Home Staging Services New Bern, NC 77 ********************************************************************** HI Barb, I Just sent my second referral to an out of state ASP REALTOR in 2 months.  That will more than pay for their yearly dues!!!!  The directory works! Sincerely, Jane Ann Lance, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP Mobile,  AL 78 *********************************************************************** Dear Barb, I hope to someday get to meet you in person. What a thrill to receive a personal email from you the Creator of Home Staging! I am not kidding. You have been such an inspiration to me. I always go back to your books, the course materials and I have listened to your monthly coaching calls. Your enthusiasm and attitude have always inspired me and have helped me stay positive in the beginning and even now.   I remember in the beginning having so many realtors tell me “no thanks”.  But as you say Barb and as I kept saying to myself, “there are 50,000 realtors in Maryland- all you need to do is find the ones that get it”. Well, 2 years later I guess I found a few.  And my goal like in other markets around the country and like you say in your books, is to see the day when every Realtor® has an ASP stager as part of their team. 11 of the recent homes I staged have gone under contract in an average of 15 days vs. the regional average of 120 days.  The economy is not all doom and gloom. Houses are selling even in this market! Quite honestly the ASP designation really sets me and my company apart from other companies in the area. Having the corporate power of behind me and the connections, services, marketing materials etc.. that I can provide as a result of my relationship really sets me above the rest. Case in point, my PowerPoint presentation -adapted from the pp presentation provided online is so professional and really gives me credibility.  I came from the corporate world having been a design center manager for Ryland Homes as well as 13 years as an international sales manager.  I knew if I was going to make this work and be successful that I needed the backing of the biggest and best behind me. I have to also thank you for the Staging caddy and apron! I LOVE my caddy! I LOVE IT! The caddy is the best thing ever and I’m glad I went ahead and got it right away. I just keep it packed and ready and I can be out the door staging in minutes! Thanks again for everything. Joy PS  I just wanted to share with you some exciting news. I took the ASP 3 day stager course end of September 2007 and had my first customer December 2007.  This month I was just named ” Baltimore ‘s Best” Home Stager by Baltimore Magazine ( Less than 2 years after providing ASP Staging services my company was chosen as the “Best of Baltimore.  See attachment please. Joy Waida, Owner & Principal, ASP, IAHSP Baltimore , MD 79 ********************************************************************** Dear Barb I wanted to mention to you too that I’ve made friends with Steve Meade who is the President & CEO of Ken Meade Realty. They’re very big here in the Sun Cities and he knows you. He met you in the 80’s and took your Realtor course when it was 1/2 day. He invited me to give a presentation to 100 of his agents and we will be working together to help educate them about ASP Staging and how to use it. He has over 350 agents in total ! Donna R. Jamison, ASPM, ASP Wild About Staging Inc. Surprise, AZ 80

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