International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) Sets Standards of Excellence

Home Stagers that want to be part of a professional association that truly serves the industry from a professional perspective need to be part of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).  For nearly a decade, IAHSP has provided a professional forum for successful Stagers to join together for networking, joint marketing, and education […]

“All Their World’s a Staging” – The New York Times

By JAY ROMANO Published: July 31, 2008WHILE the Internet has changed the way people buy and sell homes — it’s a lot easier to tour a house on your computer, in your pajamas, than it is to see it in person — one thing hasn’t changed: houses sell faster when they stand out from the […]

Staging Success! Seller tranforms House based on our ASP Staging Recommendations!

Here is the AFTER Story of a blog post I put up about the seller whose house had been on the market for over a year!  The sellers hired an ASP REALTOR (yeah!) who brought in my company to do a Staging Consultation Report.  The seller told us that they were “Stagers” – and when […]

Getting the most out of home staging

Authored by: SELLING TIPS BY ELLEN JAMES MARTIN  –  Published in: Chicago TribuneCreated on: 2008-07-25A Julea Joseph staged dining room is bright and airy so buyers can better imagine howtheir furniture will appear in the room. They were a retired couple in their early 60s who fled an expensive city in favor of a tranquil […]

“Curb Appeal Helps A Home Sell Faster, Making It Easier To Start Walking, Prius Price Jumps”

By: Kristen Miranda There’s the 3-second rule, and the 30-second rule and both impact how quickly you sell your house. Potential buyers will give your house 3 seconds in a photo and 30 seconds in person to decide if they like it. Which means you have to impress, fast. Home staging, whether you hire someone, […]

Home Staging for Investors

Home Staging – the tool that helps Buyers imagine themselves living in a house that has been presented for them – is not just a marketing tool for traditional sellers. Home Staging is also a key tool for marketing Investor properties.A professional Home Stager can offer valuable assistance to an investor that is picking up […]

Applying IAHSP Convention Tips

 Tom and I came home from the IAHSP convention so filled with information and inspiration. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone involved.Thanks Cindy Lin, for your motivation, and thank you to Barb and the others for their great presentations. We got so much out of it. And I really enjoyed the panelists. What great women! […]

IAHSP Convention 2008 At A Glance

 Our 2008 IAHSP Convention just wrapped up last night, and it was amazing!  The time we had seemed to go so fast and that is because we were learning so much and enjoying the camarderie of fellow ASP and ASPM Home Stagers in attendance.Tuesday, The IAHSP Convention started out with a day of acknowledging and […]

The Home-Staging Cheat Sheet- As seen in the US News and World Report

6 easy ways to make your property more appealing to buyersBy Luke Mullins Posted July 3, 2008Faced with a massive glut of unsold homes, many would-be sellers are struggling to make their properties stand out in today’s downtrodden real estate market. But while the economic head winds are beyond property owners’ control, author Barb Schwarz […]