Become an ASP® Stager from the Comfort of Your Home in the Coming Months

While many still prefer to attend our popular Accredited Staging Professional® Training Courses taught in classroom locations all around the United States and Canada, we have heard from many who expressed an interest in attending the ASP® Stager Course if offered online. And, of course we listened: It is with great excitement that I am proud to announce that I will personally teach’s Webinar ASP® 3-Day Stager Course several times in the next few months! For those of you who may be new to webinars, let me share a little of what it’s all about. The training course will essentially be as real as an in-class training program, expect you will attend from the comfort of your home or office. By the time the webinar starts during each of the three days you will log on using detailed and easy to follow instructions you receive well ahead of time. Once you log in you will access my training presentation and hear me teach the program over the phone. For those who may be a little reluctant to use this new forum, please know that it’s extremely simple and a member of the will gladly discuss how it all works with you.

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I can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise on Home Staging with me for three full days during the Webinar. You are the queen of “Creative Genius”. I not only benefited from your command of the home staging process (creatively and business-wise) but also by the welcome reminder of the importance of giving “superior customer service” and being people oriented. Many thanks for a fabulous experience. I really enjoyed getting to know you . Until the  next time. Fond regards, Pat Pat Walsh Ammerman Broker, Realtor, ABR, ASP®, IAHSP® Northside Realty Raleigh, NC Barb, Thank you for an incredible three days. I have not felt this inspired and excited in quite awhile. After losing my position in April due to downsizing, I had been trying to figure out what’s next. Of course, everyone kept advising me to follow my passion, which is great advise, except inside I did not believe I would be taken seriously or could generate revenue doing the things I “truly” enjoyed doing. You and the invaluable information you provided during the 3-day ASP webinar course changed all that. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and changing my life. Joy Pacheco, ASP®, IAHSP® Living&LovingLife (again) What to Expect from the Webinar ASP® 3-Day Staging Course Day One Similar to our in-class training program, during the first day of the ASP® Course you will learn a process of successful working practices. There are many ASP® before and after slides showing you what sellers can do to Stage with what they already have in their homes. You will learn how to set professional policies and how to educate your clients so that they can understand the many benefits of home staging. Communication is crucial and our approved trainer will teach you how to educate your seller to do whatever is required to Stage their home. Staging itself is the easy part; convincing the seller can be the hard part. On day one you will learn what to say and how to say it so that your sellers say yes! Day Two During the second day you will receive detailed training about the processes involved in Staging a house. We use many before and after examples and a powerful power point presentation to show additional Staging concepts and creative problem solving of how the seller can make magic out of almost nothing! You will find how creativity can be the best solution for your sellers in the best possible way. You will also learn best practical Staging practices from a large number of sample projects, which will be showcased during the webinar. Day Three During the third day you will learn the basics on how to successfully start and operate their own Home Staging business. You will receive expert instruction from a curriculum based on my Staging methodology and techniques refined by my over decades of time tested research. After your three days of detailed extensive staging training, you will graduate with thousands of dollars worth of reference materials and Home Staging tools to start your business off right! Welcome to the Webinar Accredited Staging Professional® 3-Day Stager Course. I am confident it will, as it has for many before you, change your life and business. You will receive:
  • Inclusion in the FIRST, LARGEST and most visited ASP® and IAHSP® home staging professional website directories through a customizable ASP® Feature Page for you to market and promote your new Home Staging business to millions of visitors each month.
  • ASP® Staged Property directory for you to market and promote your Staged Properties to get it sold faster!
  • 1 year memberships with and The International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP®).
  • The ASP Careerbook® and instructions for creating a custom business portfolio to showcase your business, accolades and your services to get the project every time!
Talk to an ASP® Course Specialist today! Call our® Representatives at 1-800-392-7161, or send an email to [email protected] Always working for you, Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, AB The Creator of Home Staging® CEO® Founder/Chairwoman IAHSP® and The IAHSP® Foundation

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