Best of 2019—End-of-Year Interior Design Trend Review

From bold colors and intricate wall decorations to the resurgence of vintage lighting, 2019 saw a number of interior design trends that are sure to leave a mark. Taking stock of the most popular trends may help you to plan any interior design or decoration projects you may be considering. Trends like bold colors and clever cabinet layouts still have a great deal to offer during the coming year.

Bold Colors

Bright, eye-catching colors were one of the most popular trends in interior design. Adding a splash of color is a great way to revitalize a space or to breathe new life into any decor that may have begun to feel stale or dated. While the new year can be expected to bring a wide range of fresh new colors, 2019 will still be remembered as the year we went bold.

Multi-function Spaces

Whether it’s downsizing to a smaller household or just finding more economic ways to make use of existing space, the past year has seen a shift away from dedicated spaces and rooms that have a clearly-defined purpose. Once limited to smaller homes and apartments, multi-use furnishings are transforming the way that households of every size are able to utilize their space. A quick trip to a living room furniture store is all you need in order to find a variety of multi-function furnishings and options.

Neo-vintage Lighting

Compact florescents and LED light fixtures have finally come into their own. Fixture design has grown well beyond bare bulbs and simple lamp shades. With no shortage of options for sculpted chandeliers and artistic light fixtures, homeowners no longer have to choose between efficiency and style.

Eclectic Cabinetry

Cabinets are another area of interior design that has seen a great deal of variety and interest in the past year. Minimal shelving designs and built-in cabinets have remained popular throughout the year, and interest isn’t expected to fade anytime soon. The installation of new cabinets is another modestly-priced project that can help to kick your renovations or redecorating project into high gear. Keeping pace with the latest design trends can be well worth your time and effort. Knowing which trends are on the rise and which design options may have already peaked and begun to fade makes it much easier to create a more comfortable and stylish home. Taking stock of the most important end-of-year design trends can provide you with valuable insight and the inspiration you need to plan the perfect update for your décor.

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