Improved Membership in 2010

Bundled Memberships!

Thank you for asking! Beginning February 1, 2010 IAHSP and ASP memberships will become a BUNDLED membership.  What does this mean for you?  For a limited time only will continue to offer separate IAHSP and ASP membership renewals.  After February 1st only bundled memberships will be available. Both memberships will be combined for you with your ASP renewal and at a special savings to you.  IAHSP membership will be included for you as you renew your ASP Designation and membership each year.  This will be for the good of all ASPs everywhere! * Combining memberships will bring more buying power for discount benefits * Encourages ASP Real Estate Agents and ASP chapters to easily share leads through IAHSP and the local chapters * No need to keep track of two different memberships


We appreciate your business! The StagedHomes.comTeam
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3 thoughts on “Improved Membership in 2010

  1. Sounds like a good idea, but what will the combined cost be?

    My rural area doesn’t have a group, but I’d love to have one. That’s a frustration for me.

    I have to reach out to all stagers from all trainings to even get a few. The excusivity of only having ASP’s in IAHSP is something that is bothering me a bit. What am I missing here?


    1. Dear Debra,

      Members felt that they wanted to have ASPs only as they have
      paid for their training and invested time and dollars. They would
      share with those that have no training if we open it up. I asked again during my visit with the Dallas Chapter of IAHSP last week and they again said they weren’t open to it.



  2. Dear Barb,
    Brilliant, as usual! I feel the membership will be retained and make it more affordable if an ASP must choose; “should they renew both, due to financial circumstances”? I also like the ease of only having to complete one transaction.
    Thank you for continuing to make our lives so rich as our endeavors are rewarded.
    Love, Deb

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