Furniture Features That Will Impress Your Classy House Guests

Having people over to your house can be a fun time. However, it tends to be a priority to try and impress your guests. Here are four different furniture features that will be sure to impress any guest regardless of how classy they are. Touchscreen Tabletops You’ll be sure to wow anyone with a new […]

2019 Interior Design Trends

“Home is where the heart is” – Anonymous     One of my most profound memories of childhood is that of my mother taking immense pains to make a four-walled house into a home. I guess watching her put every corner in place and making the home truly homey and cozy is something that has […]

Top 5 Curb Appeal Improvement Tips to Make a Lasting First Impression

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or impress your neighbors, friends, and family, curb appeal really does matter. In fact, it matters so much that it has the ability to inspire prospective buyers to venture inside, or skip your home altogether. After all, it’s about the first impression the property leaves on the visitor. […]

The Magic Of Metal: 5 Essential Benefits Of Metal Roofing

    The Benefits Of Metal Roofing Far Outweigh The Ones Provided By Asphalt Shingles. They Provide Aesthetic Benefits As Well As Energy Saving Ones. Intrigued by the sleek design of a metal roof?  They are an aesthetically attractive addition to any building. But metal roofs are more than just something to admire. They also […]

7 Elements to Turn Your Dorm Room into the Smart Room of the Future

7 Elements to Turn Your Dorm Room into the Smart Room of the Future Technology has lighted up the world today. I can vividly remember our days back in college. All I had to make my dorm room look techy was boom box, laptop and a small phone. Today, students can get a variety of […]

4 Alternative Building Materials to Consider for Different Climates

Building materials are often matched to meet the conditions that the local environment presents, and that would include non-standard construction items. With green living becoming a focus of builders, engineers, and local politicians, you will find that alternative materials will become part of most future construction. Many building material alternatives are not only as strong […]

Eco-Friendly Home Staging Tip

Picture walking into a home that you’re considering buying and looking around to see family photos, kids’ toys, and cat hair everywhere. Even if the home is gorgeous and a perfect fit for you, you won’t be able to tell. Home staging solves this problem by depersonalizing a home while still presenting it in an […]