Communicating the Benefits of Staging

Earlier this week an ASP® asked me for advice. She was putting together some materials she wanted to hand out at an upcoming Broker’s Open House, and she asked “how do I effectively communicate the benefits of Staging?” You’ve probably heard me say, or seen me quoted in newspapers and magazines, “The way you live in a home and the way that we market and sell a house are two different things.” You may also have come across another of my favorite sayings:“The investment of Staging IN your home is always less than a Price reduction ON your home!” These are sayings I’ve developed for the benefit of ASP® Stagers, and they do effectively help convey the message of the value of ASP® Staging. I encourage you to use them, and when you do, please make sure to quote me as the source. I also suggest you link to and to further educate about ASP® Staging and THE association for the Home Staging Industry. After I’d responded to the ASP’s® question about communicating the value of Staging, it once again struck me how important our Staging University® is to ASP® and ASPM® graduates. Inside the Staging University® you’ll find a wealth of information, materials, and other resources. You have access to literally thousands of pictures showcasing homes before and after ASP® Staging, legal forms and other helpful documents you’ll need for your ASP® business, marketing tips and a tremendous amount of other essential resources. In addition to the sayings you read above, there are many more you can use within the Staging University®. Speaking of communicating ASP® value and resources, I have created a brief presentation which I invite you to share with prospective customers as well as real estate agents and other professionals within your sphere of influence. It’s my hope you’ll post a link to it at your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, share it in emails, and anywhere else you feel you can use them. Click here to view the slideshow presentation, which includes lots of pictures showing homes before and after ASP® Staging. It’s my hope you’ll use the resources within the Staging University®, including the proven sayings I’ve developed over the years. And when you do, please quote me and reference Barb Schwarz Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® CEO® Founder and Chairwoman of The Board of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and Foundation

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