Conversation with a Prospective ASP® Stager

Do I have what it takes to be a Stager? Will I make enough to support myself? Who will want to hire me? Do I know enough to run my own business? Virtually every day I receive phone calls, emails, and even messages through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, from entrepreneurs asking questions about becoming a Stager. Naturally, many want to know how to get started while others want to build a realistic expectation as they are ready to start their own Staging business. I decided to take some of the recent questions I’ve received and put them together in what will seem as a conversation with a prospective Accredited Home Staging Professional®, ASP®. If you are considering a new career as Stager I hope you’ll find answers to questions you too many ask yourself. Is this a good time to enter the real estate and Staging industry, and is there enough of a market to build a full-time business? There’s little doubt that the real estate industry has gone through a number of very difficult years, and many markets around the nation are still feeling the effects of the financial downturn. While sales figures have decreased drastically for several years, Staging, though, has become even more essential than ever in communities with a high level of homes for sale. Why? To make a property stand out among other homes and to make an immediate and positive impact on those coming to see it. As home sellers recognize the benefit of professionally Staging their homes, the demand for Accredited Staging Professionals® will continue to skyrocket over the next decade. That’s why there has never been a better time to enter the market as a full-time Accredited Staging Professional®. How fast can I expect to earn sufficient income as a Stager? As for all entrepreneurs establishing a new business, how quickly a new ASP® will earn a full-time income varies, and what the level of sufficient income will certainly vary from individual to individual. I recommend you do some research in your local marketplace and especially network with local REALTORS®. Assess the income you will need to not only pay your current bills but also do marketing campaigns. Set up a budget where you forecast your income in the coming three, six, twelve and eighteen months. And, this is also where a membership in the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP®, becomes so important. Through the association you can network with other Stagers, who have been where you are. Since I am not trained in business, what do I need to know and where can I learn it? You will learn how to build your own business during day three of the ASP® Course During. Once you have completed the course you can attend as many ASP® classes as you want if you want to refresh your memory, get new ideas, and network with other ASPs®. As we want you to become successful, and that’s why your ASP® Designation and IAHSP® memberships are so valuable to you. Once you have completed the ASP Course, you will have access to a tremendous platform of support materials at the Staging University®. How will an ASP® Designation help me build credibility among consumers and Realtors®? Your ASP® Designation is proof of your commitment to your trade and the training you took to become an Accredited Staging Professional®. Being a member of IAHSP® is a testament to how you abide by our ethical standards and your continued pledge to further your skills for the benefit of those you work for. Potential clients will most likely do some research when they consider hiring you; providing them information about the ASP® Designation course you completed and your membership of IAHSP® will give you credibility. Happy ASP® Staging, Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® CEO® IAHSP® Founder and Chairwoman of The Board of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and Foundation Share at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Share this blog post with your Friends at Facebook, Connections at LinkedIn and Followers at Twitter. Click on the button below and click on the logo of the social network you want to share this article with.
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