Creating a Relaxing Environment for the Home

Everyone wants their home to feel relaxing, like it’s an oasis away from the worries of the world. That’s why it’s important for you to stage your home to look and feel relaxing. If people can imagine themselves relaxing in your home, they might be more likely to want to buy it.


Here are five tips for creating a relaxing environment in your home:


1. Keep it clean. 

The sight of dirt, spills, footprints, fingerprints, or even worse, spiderwebs, will turn people off. Some people don’t notice dirt and grime, but most do, and the effect it has is the opposite of relaxing. It’s difficult to feel calm and peaceful when you’re worrying about bacteria, or trying not to let anything dirty touch your skin.


Plus, some home buyers will have dust mite allergies, and you certainly don’t want your home to prompt their sneezing and eye watering. A solid round of dusting and vacuuming can help prevent that. Deep cleaning is required even more often when there have been pets with dander in the home.


2. Keep it clutter-free.

A mess equals stress! You don’t want anyone to be able to see anything messy or cluttered in your home. Not only should your home be clean, it should be free from piles of mail, stacks of books and magazines, tangled charging cords, scattered toys, or anything else that is unsightly. Piles, stacks, and unorganized messes act like visual “to-do” lists and prevent people from feeling like they can kick back and let go of their responsibilities for the moment.


3. Decorate with plants.

There is scientific evidence that plants relieve people’s stress. They also act as natural air purifiers. Set an English Ivy on top of a bookshelf so its leaves can drape down along the side, or put colorful African Violets at the center of the dining room table. Guests will feel relaxed immediately and associate that peaceful feeling with your home.


4. Decorate with calming colors.

Even if fire engine red is your all-time favorite color, you want to avoid it while decorating your home. The same goes for bright pink and any neon colors. Red and other bright colors arouse rather than calm. They can even make people feel aggressive or have trouble concentrating.


To promote a feeling of calm, decorate with mostly neutral colors. Cool colors such as blues and greens are also generally calming. If you feel like you must use bright colors, use them sparingly, as accents.


5. Use essential oils to scent the air.

Essential oils have been shown to calm people. Lavender oil in particular is known to be calming. Use essential oils and reed diffusers to spread a natural scent throughout a room. Dilute essential oil and put it in a spray bottle, using the fine mist to refresh furniture upholstery and curtains.


Following these five tips will definitely help you create a peaceful atmosphere in your home that will positively affect everyone who steps inside of it.

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