“Curb Appeal Helps A Home Sell Faster, Making It Easier To Start Walking, Prius Price Jumps”

By: Kristen Miranda
There’s the 3-second rule, and the 30-second rule and both impact how quickly you sell your house.
Potential buyers will give your house 3 seconds in a photo and 30 seconds in person to decide if they like it. Which means you have to impress, fast.
Home staging, whether you hire someone, or do it yourself is key. Statistics show a staged home sells, on average, in 33 days and a non-staged home sells in 166 days.
We hear most about getting the inside ready. No clutter, neutral colors, as little personal effects as possible.
However, staging starts on the outside. That’s the first impression, and its easy to make it a good one.
Marcyne Touchton, an accredited home staging expert tells us, “Adding color, annuals, remulching, putting in new pine straw it all adds curb appeal.”
Nobody wants to live in the ugliest house on the block, she says.
Want to walk more but you know its not always safe to take the same route your car does? Two websites are making it easier for you to plan a walking route.
Mapquest and Google Maps have added walking directions to their websites.
Once you enter your starting address, and destination, just click the “walking” option and it will give you your route and tell you how long it will take you to walk it. Plus it will give you street view photos of landmarks.
The price of a Toyota Prius is going up.
Toyota is raising the price by five-hundred dollars.
Already a million have been sold, and with gas prices so high, there is a waiting list at many dealerships.
Several Toyota models will get a price hike but the popular Prius is seeing the biggest increase. 

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