Did You Know? Pro Home Stagers can make 6+ figures when taught how to Build a Successful Business.

Home Staging is a great career option for those people who are creative, enjoy a fast-paced environment, and can process changes without getting too stressed. Unlike a normal 8-5 job where you get paid based on your estimated worth, are told when to take lunch, when to take vacation and what your value is, owning your OWN business has a lot of rewards.

Flexibility. Freedom. Financial opportunity.

It is not for the faint of heart. It is risky to go out on your own. Starting a successful business – and it is a BUSINESS – means you need to understand all it takes to be successful. Getting a firm FOUNDATION in your staging business will be the key that either helps you succeed or leads to failure.

You have the talent and desire. However, that is not enough.

You need to know how to:

  • Market Your Services
  • Close Sales
  • Price Your Services according to your market
  • Prepare Proposals and Consultations
  • Handle accounting for your business
  • Understand Logistics
  • Communicate Clearly with Kindness
  • Cultivate Relationships
  • And more.


The up front investment to get started in Staging is about $3,000. That would include a REPUTABLE course and your marketing materials. Stagedhomes.com is the world leader in education and offers the only ACCREDITATION for home stagers, plus provides an abundance of resources for grads of the course including forms, templates, marketing materials, added niche education, mini website and more! An Accreditation is the HIGHEST form of training in the industry – higher than a Certification or just a designation. All the trainers own and operate home staging businesses, so they walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

And your course investment can be earned back in a very short time – once you understand how to price your services, how to market and get the business.

Home Staging is one of the only businesses that has such little start up costs with the potential of earning 5-6 figures the first year, carrying no inventory (furniture). It is a SERVICE industry and in high demand for sellers who want to net the MOST in the sale. Savvy Realtors will include Staging as a key listing and marketing tool. Are THEY the ones doing the staging? They SHOULD NOT BE. They need YOU. Time is the great equalizer. For a real estate agent to take time to hand-hold a client to help prepare a house for sale is an unwise choice as their time should be used to prospect for more business. It does not mean they don’t care about their clients when they bring in a pro-Stager to work with them. It means they realize where they need to be putting their time, and using the resources available to help make them more productive and profitable.

Start your journey to owning your own Home Staging business and get a firm foundation in education. You will shorten your growth and learning curve by months if not years by learning all you need to be successful from the start, and having a timeline and plan you can follow for success.

Article submitted by Jennie Norris: Jennie Norris is one of the top professional home stagers in the world, having staged over 6,000 properties since 2002. She ranks in the top 2% of all pro-home stagers, has received over two dozen awards for her staging work, and is the Chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, and President & CEO of Stagedhomes.com