Don’t Get Behind: 5 Annual Inspections to Add to Your to-do List

Sometimes people assume that their home or business can just run itself. When they neglect the annual inspections, then basically they are assuming that their property can keep running without wearing down. This can cost the property owner money, time, and effort as they face serious problems that might have been avoided- and which occurred at inopportune times.

Smoke Alarms

Testing the smoke alarms demonstrates that fires have little chance of spreading. They can’t function if their batteries have died. They also won’t work if their sensors have worn out. You can check this by blowing out lighted matches directly below the alarm. Replace nonresponsive alarms.

Security Systems

Security systems sometimes need resetting as well. Homeowners can make a phone call to their security system company to learn how to test their specific system. It can make a difference if the unfortunate occurs and the property is compromised in some way.

HVAC System

The HVAC system works hard to provide comfortable temperatures and filter allergens. Neglected systems get clogged. Parts wear down. Safety features age. It pays to have the HVAC inspected annually. Your HVAC is a major investment in the property. If it’s going to fail, it will probably do so when it is running at maximum capacity. Not only does this mean the environment will become extremely uncomfortable, but it means that getting professional help during their busiest times will be especially difficult. It may even cost extra.

Your Roof

As a part of the property that experiences the most weathering, the roof deserves some professional attention. Whether a residential roof or a commercial one is over your head, have it inspected once a year. A slipped shingle can be replaced before moisture invades the attic. Worn out flashing around chimneys can be replaced before a leak works its way into the living area.

Appliance Check-ups

Whether it’s the washer and dryer or a printer and scanner, take time to do regular maintenance on your appliances. They will do their job more effectively, last longer, and cause fewer problems. Get professional help on water heaters, garage doors, and so on. Save yourself the potential losses that result from poorly functioning systems. Keep them in good working order to extend the value of your initial investment. Be certain that they are working for you.   Article submitted by Emma Sturgis, FREELANCE WRITER

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