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Since 2008,® has been posting articles at the® blog in an effort to providing a mix of business tips and suggestions, ASP® membership updates, information about Home Staging and the Accredited Staging Professional® Training Course. More than anything, we have been and remain committed to making sure the blog is of value to you, whether you’re a home seller, real estate agent, Accredited Staging Professional®, real estate association representative, real estate industry professional, member of the media, or if you are just interested in Home Staging. That’s right, we do serve a very diverse group of audiences, and that’s why we try to mix the content at our blog. Here are some of the articles we recently have posted: Business Plan Ideas Marketing Tips Home Staging Trends and Information about Home Staging Invitations to share success through Information about upcoming Accredited Home Staging Training Courses It’s important you feel the information we post at the® blog is of value to you, and we will do what we can to make sure it is. That’s why I would like to ask you to please share with us what you would like to see featured at the blog. You can either post your suggestions in the comment section following this blog post, at the Stagedhomes Facebook page or by tweeting to the Twitter account at @barbstagedhomes. I greatly appreciate your suggestions and we will make every attempt to provide you with what you are looking for. Make sure you don’t miss a thing: subscribe to the® blog to receive a copy of every new blog post by email.  Click here for information on how to become a subscriber. It is my honor to always be working for you. Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® CEO IAHSP® Founder and Chairwoman of The Board of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and Foundation

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